Recommend a Teacher Scheduling Tool

I’m looking for software/a tool that will schedule teachers based on requirements such as topic, date, and location. It doesn’t have to be free.

If I have, say, 100 classes on different topics (English, History, Math, Art, Science, Music, etc.) and they each happen at various times and in various locations, and I also have a list of teachers and which classes they are qualified to teach, is there a database or something out there that will do the teacher scheduling for me?

When I Google “course scheduling tool,” “training scheduling tool,” and/or “instructor scheduling tool” I get a bunch of hits, but many don’t seem to have the sophistication I need and I’d rather not waste time on a bunch of trial versions unless I have to. So please don’t just do a search for me; I’m looking for the name(s) of specific software/tools you might know about. If what I’m looking for exists. :slight_smile:



I was going to suggest forgetting that you’re trying to schedule teachers and just look at generic scheduling software.


Is there a particular tool you recommend?

No, I can’t recommend anything as I have no personal experience with this. But you mentioned needing people to teach particular classes and having a list of teachers with different qualifications. Other industries are going to have similar requirements.