Recommend a town-building game

You mean SimCity Social on Facebook? Its awesome! :smiley:

Thirded for the Impressions series. My fave was Caesar III. Pharoh had some gameplay problems with respect to the pyramid building aspect, Cleopatra tried to fix them but only half suceeeded.

Zeus is made by the same people, I have heard it is as good or better than Caesar III/Cleo. I have been wanting to pick up a copy, actually.

The best yet is probably Empire:Rise of the Middle Kingdom - it has less headachy walker management than Caesar 3 or even Pharaoh, the religious aspect mixes things up a bit (although pleasing some gods is still pretty much an auto-win, notably the one who fills up your jade workshops… CA-CHING !) and the Feng Shui mechanic is lots of fun. Also frustrating at times, but then again having perfect Feng Shui is more or less just for bragging rights. I believe FS only affects the rate of new arrivals, and only minorly at that.

It is Emperor:Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Don’t know how I missed this one. It will be the next game I play. :wink:

Just wanted to agree with Turble’s recommendation of the Anno series. I’ve only played a couple versions-- the most recent was for the Wii, which pointed out the possibilities of the Wii’s pointer controller for strategy games. It’s not as good as a mouse but better than a joystick.

Turble, let us know how you go tracking down E:RotMK. I’d like a nice cheap download copy if you find one.

I’ll also echo Sattua’s thumbs down on SimCity 4. I know that some people call it the best of the series but I didn’t get a lot of play out of it.

Regarding Emperor: RotMK

I’d say this is a game for those really enjoy(ed) Pharaoh/Cleopatra and Zeus/Poiseidon, which are available on GoG. RotMK is from the days when a sequel meant better and deeper rather than dumbed down and shinier. There are some issues.

Several vendors are selling boxed CD versions on Amazon – but the one published by Sold-Out Software is not the final version and there is no patch available. You may (or may not) be able to track down the final patch for the Sierra version – Sierra is gone and the official website for the game went down several years ago.

If you’re looking for a download, look for one labeled SE (Special Edition) for the one that contains the final patch.

There doesn’t seem to be any fix available for the graphics – the game was made for 640 x 480. The GoG versions of Pharaoh and Zeus fixes the graphics in those games and they look better than this one on a modern wide screen monitor.

All in all, I am enjoying the game. It is a slow game with a lot of thinking, no quick trigger finger required … but it is not a game I would recommend to someone who hasn’t played and enjoyed its predecessors. You gotta really want to play this one to put up with the issues.