Recommend a vacuum for picking up pet hair from carpet?

I’ve guilted my husband into getting us a new vacuum. Most of our home is carpeted with a cheap Berber type stuff. We have a dog and a cat and live in a pretty dusty area.

I know Dysons have rabid fans but I also have heard many people say that Dysons are not worth the $$$.

Just looking for something I could get for around $500-$600 maximum that will quickly and easily wrestle the most pet hair out of our carpets. Thanks!

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I’m one of those rabid Dyson fans you speak of. :wink:

In that price range, you’d be hard pressed to find something better than a Dyson. However, if you’re not sure about spending that much money for something you may not like, buy it at a place that will take it back if you’re unhappy.

We bought a Dyson, after a thread here clued me in to their existence. We’ve got carpet and multiple pets (2 cats, 2 dogs) and it works ridiculously well. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I’m another rabid Dyson fan. Had been chomping at the bit to have one for years, and when the DC-17 Animal came out, I found it at a really nice price right away. I couldn’t believe how much hair and dirt it pulled out of the carpets.

I’ve had it for well over a year now, and it SUCKS. Just like it should, of course!

I couldn’t be happier with it.

Another vote for Dyson, here. We bought ours at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and used one of their 15% off coupons. IIRC, that saved us about 75 bucks.

We have 2 dogs and a long-haired cat.
And a Dyson DC17 Animal.
Best vacuum I’ve ever used.

Just so this doesn’t become an unbroken Dyson love-fest, I bought a Rainbow ~ 1983, and other than a few minor repair parts over the years, it’s still a trooper. Ditto for my parents, who bought one a week after seeing mine. I have no clue what a new Rainbow is going for, nowadays.

I’m going to say Miele, just for variation - we have the ‘Cat and Dog’ model, which comes with a turbo head, plus a smaller one for furniture. We have 4 cats, best thing I ever bought.

Yea, yea, another Dyson fan here. 2 dogs 2 cats live on a gravel road.

One thing that amazes me is the suction ability of the hose (shop vac part or whatever you call it). It’s just about (not quite) as good as my regular shop vac.

We have the Animal. I think the only difference is the attachments that come with it. Check out the specs, but If you are not interested in gadgetry attachments, just get a regular one. (we never use the attachments).

You don’t need to spend money on a Dyson to get all the dog hair out of your carpet when you vacuum. We’ve got a Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet and it works wonderfully for getting our dog’s hair out of the carpet, off the furniture, and out of area rugs, all at a price that’s less than half the cost of the average Dyson.

No idea about the best vacuum. However I think it was in a Heloise column that someone said using anti static spray helps. That is, animal hair hangs on to carpet, furniture, etc. in part because of static so if you can neutralize that, you’ll have better results.

You’d want to find something cheaper (this @ Walgreens is $3.79) if you need a lot of it.

I have a Dyson and three cats. I’ve had it for probably a year because my old Hoover couldn’t keep up with the cat hair. When I vacuum with the Dyson, people’s basements in China get cleaner.

ETA - I used one of those Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off things for it, which was a decent deal.

Thanks - I’ve been wondering about this one.

I read the reviews on the page you linked to and a couple of people said the pet hair really clogged the brush - have you found that at all? Or maybe they are just not vacuuming often enough?

Another Dyson Animal fan here - 4 dogs, all long haired shedders (2 aussies, 1BC/sheltie rescue and 1 NSDTR) and that vacuum cleaner is a godsend.

Love that thing to DEATH.

Of all the vacuums out there, it’s the only one that has never clogged, never had brushes get stuck… all that jazz. Worth every penny.

We vacuum irregularly, but don’t wait any longer than a month in between vacuuming of any areas of the house and I’ve never had problems with that. I shed long hairs like crazy and our dog is a mutt with hair qualities of both a German Shepherd and a Shar Pei, so the hair is a decent challenge to remove from most surfaces. The vacuum does such a good job that we use it to touch up the bedspread in between major washings; it’ll go from covered in a coat of hair to completely devoid of dog hair with little effort.

For cleaning chairs, small rugs and suchlike, the Dirt Devil Ultra is pretty amazing on cat hair. I think its about $30 at Target. I love that thing (since I have hardwood I don’t need a fullsize vac).

Okay, every thread will attract a dissenter sometime.

I have a fairly heavy shedder–Shepherd/Black Lab mix–and so bought a Dyson. On average, its performance is barely adequate. I’m distinctly underwhelmed with it, especially considering the price. It clogs frequently, on dog hair or anything else. The tiniest piece of stray kibble will disable all suction at the hose base. Every vacuuming session requires at least 3 or 4 dissections to wriggle out fur clumps. And I mean small things that my old vacuum didn’t even hesitate over.

The Dyson runs very well, for short periods of time. It just takes constant monitoring. It loses all suction several times per room, on average. Then it’s stop, take it apart at various critical junctures and figure out what tiny thing stopped it this time. One time it was a small fragment (half the size of a dime) of a dried ficus leaf. It just takes a hell of a lot of dinking around to keep sufficient suction.

My ancient cheapy canister Electrolux worked better overall. I’d have to go over a room twice to pick up as much fur as the Dyson but doing that was still faster, and a lot less aggravating not to mention just plain filthy, than all the troubleshooting Dysons require.

Four cats, all that shed like mad, three that tussle and leave scraps of fur everywhere. I can do the family room (16 x 20) carpet three times a week and practically fill the canister each time.

I’ve never had any of things TVeblen mentions happen to me. Not to say they don’t just that my Animal has been really trouble free. Periodically flip it over and snip the carpet and long hair that gets stuck on the roller, every now and then rinse off the inside suction-y part up above the canister, and rinse out the foam filter every few months. No more than I’ve had to do with any other vacuum.

Well we just picked up the Dyson from Costco - it’s the DC-17 - just the regular one, not the Animal, although it did come with several attachments as part of the additional “Costco kit” …

They also had the DC-21 which is a canister vac, as opposed to an upright. It was hard to decide.

But, I figure I can’t lose by buying at Costco - if I don’t like this one, I’ll just take it back and try the other one, and if I don’t like that one either, I’ll try the cheaper Bissell.

Which model do you have? Our DC14 Animal is still strong as ever after three years. No loss of suction, and only once have we managed to clog it. From time to time, we do need to pull the fur out of the brush roller, but that’s not a situation unique to Dyson vacuums. ]About $1600. Probably out of the OP’s budget. :slight_smile: