Recommend a youtube video to the previous doper.

Let’s do youtube music videos with a twist. I’ll begin by recomending one and the next doper will do the same for me. Try to explain why do you recommend it and, obviously,** provide the link**.
I’ll start with Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony (1, 2, 3, 4). The reason I choose it is that it makes me happy in this gloomy sunday morning in Buenos Aires. If you want and additional reason, the performance is by Von Karajan

Wow, I get Estilicon all for myself? First, I love Prokofiev, so it was a joy to see/hear that Symphony. Thank you for the links.

This is very simple in comparison, but you might like it. I like it because 1) this artist has never made an official video to any of her songs (11 albums’ worth) so it’s the closest we’ll get, 2) the arrangement is very different from the album version which is much more ethereal and otherworldly, both being good in their own way, 3) it’s still kind of mind-boggling, to me, to see her switch from her high ethereal voice to her very looooow range, something she does a lot but that never gets old, 4) it was being recorded while being filmed and ended up the lead track on one of my favorite albums by her, 5) the lyrics are almost like a lost Twilight Zone episode (three characters singing, two of them dead), and 6) just because it’s so damned pretty.

This is the first thing I thought of when I heard you talking about Prokofiev
Peter and the Wolf (2006):

BTW this is only part of the original rent it from Netflix if you want to see the rest.