Recommend bike lights

I have been doing a fair amount of urban (or what passes for it here) commuting on my bike this summer. As the days start to get shorter, I think I’m going to find myself biking in the dusk a bit more.

I have lights on my bike, but they don’t seem particularly impressive, and I’d like something a bit more noticeable, particularly on the rear.

What are you all using? I want something that I can easily clip on and off, and preferably not too expensive.

Front: Cygolite 250 Visible in daylight.
Secondary light: Planet Bike Blaze 2W

Tailight:Portland Design Works Radbot 1000. Since I ride a three wheel recumbent, I use two.

Cygolite recently increased the lumen output for the same price range. 400 lumen model.
Their Hotshot taillight is twice the wattage of the Radbot but does not have a reflector.

Depending on how heavy traffic is, you might want the brighter Hotshot so you don’t blend in. Light traffic or open roads, the Radbot is plenty bright and the reflector provides backup if the batteries go dead.

The 250 headlight is plenty for the speeds I ride at(13-17 mph).