Recommend clothings for someone who sweats massively

Hi all,

I sweat a lot. Profusely. All over my body. While I have been thinking of seeing a doctor for it, IIRC there’s isn’t any really effective treatment or are too expensively.Tried all sort of anti-persipants too – they work but I have to covered my whole body (chest, back, armpits etc.) to get the best effect.

So the other alternative I am seeking is to find clothings which make sweat stains less obivously, and don’t react that bad with sweat. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Black, I think. At least, I sweat a lot… maybe not “profusely” in the medical sense, but it gets kinda profuse - and I like to wear black (not necessarily for that reason). But it seems to work.

Try Square Bob’s Sponge Pants!

IANAD, but I went through a phase where I was suffering really badly from excessive sweating around my groin, my armpits and below my breasts. The doctor told me to buy Dri Clor from the pharmacy - it’s a 20% Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate solution that you use as a roll-on at night before you go to sleep, then wash off in the morning. I found it really helped to reduce the sweating. Ask a doctor or a pharmacist!

Being a fat broad, there is nothing in the world as bad as a sweaty fat broad in the summer.

First, all natural fibers. NO polyester at all, other than a minimal 5% or 10% lycra for stretch like in underwear or socks.

I am lucky in that I do inside telephone/computer customer service, so I can get away with 5 pair of these palazzos [just look for palazzos in the pants section] combined with slightly oversized all cotton polo shirts. I wear all cotton bras and snugglies .

I may not be uber-stylish, but I am comfortable, reasonably dressed and the cotton keeps me dry and cool.

I also DON’T use antiperspirant, it makes my pits itch like they are infested with teh fleas of a thousand camels, but I do use Teo deodorant and Karma dusting powder .

I don’t sweat massively, but I have a couple Ex Officio shirts. They’re vented, wick moisture, and dry quickly. I got mine when they were on sale for 50% off.

I’ll second what Dottygumdrop said. And, for me at least, once the Dri-Clor got the sweating under control, it stayed under control. I haven’t used it in probably 10 years and the problem has never recurred. YMMV of course.

Hyperhydrotic friggn fool here, 'specially in the chestal area.

I wear CoolMax or similar wicking polyester tees, which help quite a bit. CoolMax is now in use by the military and available at surplus outlets at popular prices. They make sox, drawers, etc. with it too.

White is by far the best shirt color, followed by any stripe/plaid that’s mostly white. Colors stain visibly; white usually doesn’t. And dark colors absorb more heat, so you’ll be all the more uncomfortable.

My default pants/shorts color for summer is a light beige called “stone,” “bone,” or sometimes “natural.” It’s about 2 licks lighter than standard khaki tan. Make sure you get 100% cotton. They can also be had wrinkle/stain resistant.

The best hats have an absorbent stretchy sweatband. Anything else is going to get soaked from the inside out.

Learn from the ancients, too: light colors in warm weather. Nothing heavy: shoes, belts, everything, must breathe. Pick up some cotton web belts. They come in every imaginable color.

The only black articles I willingly wear between May and September are formal wear (I’m a musician and willing to suffer for art).

You can also buy sweat pads. They’re ultra-thin pads with adhesive on the back that you put in the armpits of your shirts to absorb the sweat and avoid those embarassing splotches.

Being a pasty Englishman, when I lived in Hong Kong I was a sweatball all the time. I found that light coloured cotton was good for not showing the sweatmarks, and silk was good for drying out in a matter of minutes - but while it was wet it showed. Unfortunately neither did both functions at the same time. But no synthetics, ever.

You beat me to it! These are great. I’m not an excessive sweater, but I am terribly cheap, and I hate paying to dry clean clothes when they only thing that they need is armpit care. I buy the little sweat pads (craft store, in the sewing aisle, if you can’t find them anywhere else), take them out after wearing, and all is well. Of course, I wear jeans and t-shirts almost all the time, so I don’t need them much. No idea how the system would work if you had to dress up all the time.

Here you go.


Hubby wears a white t-shirt under his dress shirts, and puts the pad in the armpits of the dress shirt.

I feel for you! While I don’t sweat too badly in the normal places, my head sweats like someone turned on a freaking faucet. In this recent heatwave, my hair is constantly soaked (literally looking like I just walked out of the shower but not in that nice fresh shower Irish Spring clean sort of way) and I look like a total idiot. Worse, I have curly hair that corkscrews when wet and then turns into a frizz bomb when it finally dries. I hate the heat. Give me a nice subzero day anytime.

Right- CoolMax for “unders”. Then Cotton for “overs”. Ideal outfit= lightweight Coolmax under/Tshirt, with longsleeved loose white cotton shirt, then Coolmax briefs with Cotton Khaki pants. CoolMax socks. For winter, they make doublelayer socks- Coolmax on the inside, wool- out.

Try those new sheets made from bamboo, with a wool-fleece pad under the sheets.

I’m loving this thread. I’m a big sweater. If I were a superhero, I’d be SweatMan.
Pads wouldn’t work for me, or the OP, as we sweat from every part of our body.
Upon arival at my destination I frequently get
“Is it raining outside?”

or sometimes

“Are you OK? You look like you’re having a heart attack!”
I wonder if that Dri-Clor is sold in the states.

Yeah, I hear the pillowcases are really making headlines! :smiley:

I don’t sweat profusely on a normal basis, but when I am planning on sweating or otherwise getting wet, I always go synthetic. Cool Max is great, so is a wide variety of polyester. I have lots of these from several companies and in short and long sleeved versions. The fabric is very lightweight. I wear the longsleeved in summer if I am going to be in a/c. As soon as they get wet with sweat (or if you accidentally get hosed off at work) they evaporate rapidly which equals cool and dry and also when they get wet, the wet spot spreads out rapidly and is less noticable. Cotton just gets soggy and stays that way. If you have a sweat and an odor problem…you may notice that the bad side of synthetics is that they can hold odors after a while. Pants in nylon like these are great too, if you can get away with it. You never said what your dress code was or what gender you are, but I tend to live in clothes like these. Obviously, YMMV, but that is my sweat management plan.

I have a friend with the same problem.
He’ll wear an UnderArmor jersey (they have different styles) under his shirt to soak up his sweat, and since they’re very snug fitting you can’t notice them.