Recommend for me a bag

As I mention briefly in [post=6920211]my shaggy dog story of a hijack[/post], I’m looking for a bag to replace my dying softside briefcase. I was looking at the Patagonia Half Mass bag–I’ve a Critical Mass bag that has survived many a boat/plane/hiking trip with only moderate staining–but it isn’t large enough to accept my 15" PowerBook with a protective cover. I don’t want a big leather computer case, and indeed I’d rather avoid something that screams out, “Hey, look at me! I contain an expensive laptop computer! Steal me!” I’d like something that is either a bookbag-style briefcase or a large messenger bag that is relatively weatherproof, with a couple of internal pockets, a place to stash pens and cards, and ideally a 1l nalgene bottle externally, though the latter is negotiable. Price isn’t a big factor–as long as it’s in the low three digits I can swing it without cutting into my whiskey budget–but I want a bag that is going to hold up when it comes to action, adventure, and really wild things that form my dislocated sense of reality.



<bump>Nobody has a favorite bag they want to pimp?

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      • When I got a laptop I looked around for laptop-type bags, computer places that had decent ones wanted $120-$200+ for them, even for just nylon ones.

… I found a great one by accident at a local Cummins tool store. I paid $20 for it, the website has it for $16.88, item #5401, the Toppers™ Wallstreet Computer Bag. I don’t know how big a 15" Mac with a protective cover is, but my laptop (closed) is 13 x 10.5 x 1.5", and it’s still got a couple inches of width left in the bag. The inside of the bag measures around 18" but the info on the Cummins site says it’s only 16.5", which might be when the whole thing is crammed full of stuff to block it out perfectly. And no 1L water bottle pocket, unfortunately.,1418.htm

A few possibilities:

The classic Timbuk2 bike messenger bag. This one is even designed to hold a laptop.

Eagle Creek makes great stuff. They no longer make the bag I use (and have had for almost a decade) but this bag seems pretty close.

Duluth Trading also makes nice stuff. Their evolved briefcase looks pretty good.

Good luck!

Yeah, not only does Timbuk2 make great bags you can get them customized in exactly the colors you want for not much more than an off-the-shelf version.

But the absolute coolest messenger bags around are Chrome bags. The buckle is a car seat belt buckle.

I want a new bag but my stupid back pack from college just won’t wear out, dang it.

I’m liking the Timbuk2 messenger bags. The Chrome bags look good, too, but they don’t appear to have any internal divisions, non?


But they have a seat belt buckle! Surely that trumps internal divisions? :slight_smile:

Here’s a quote from one of the reviews:

So it doesn’t have a seperate laptop compartment but they sell a padded laptop sleeve to stow it.