recommend foreign sci-fi

it occured the other day as i read ‘the moon is a harsh mistress’ that i must be unaware of so much classic Sci-fi simply because it is in another language.
I am aware of some things such as La Jetee (upon which 12 monkeys was loosely based) and Abre Los Ojos ( remade as Vanilla Sky, (and yes i know this would probably be more ‘fantasy’ than Sci-fi))

So, citizens of the SMDB (and therefore the world) fill me in on those classics i am missing
(language barrier be damned!)

Stanislaw Lem is a good start – Polish writer much of whose work is more fable than SF, but all very good. Some options are “Solaris,” “The Investigation,” “The Cyberiad,” and “Memoirs Found in a Bathtub.”

Sector General series.

Medical Science Fiction. Very well-written.

Jules Verne, of course, and there are plenty of English and Irish writers. One problem we have in the US is that we don’t publish or promote enough SF from outside. The builders of the V-1 and V-2 rockets, for instancem, were inspired by German SF writers as much as by Verne, but the names of these writers are virtually unknown to most readers in the US (Including to me – I forgot 'em).

For a start, go to Nicholls and Clute’s Science Fiction Encyclopedia and look up the foreign country of interest. They list most of yje important writers for each area.