Recommend me a decent digital camera for under $200

I have about $127 worth of gift cards for, and since I don’t have any CD’s or books I want to buy right now, I thought I’d take the leap and get a small digital camera. Has anyone here bought a really good one for $100-200 that they really like?



Oh, and I’d preferably like it to be able to record short movies (do all digital cameras do this)?


bump No one can recommend me one?


I have a 4MP Canon Powershot A520 that I bought last year after reading a lot of reviews and am fairly happy with it.

Amazon’s listing them as low as $148.50

I just bought a Canon S500 and am very happy with it. I paid just under $200 for a refurbished unit on eBay. You’d probably have to pay a few bucks more if you want a brand new one.

Picture quality is great, it’s small (although a little heavier for its size than you’d expect), and easy to use. It’s great as a point-and-shoot, but it has plenty of features for customizing your shooting, just like my Canon digital SLR that cost six times as much. It uses CF cards.

The SD400 uses SD cards and is a little thinner and lighter. It also has a slightly larger LCD screen, but it’s closer to $250 on the street.

Here are a few samples I took on a recent trip to Las Vegas:

Red Rocks.
Red Rocks, closer.
Me and Kari Byron from Mythbusters

(She’s cutie, all right. And a very pleasant person. Adam’s a lot of fun, too. I had drinks with them for a couple of hours at TAM4. I included that picture mainly because I figured Dopers would be impressed that I met her. Most of my RL friends never watch the show, and didn’t have a clue who she was when I showed them the picture. Grrrr.)

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I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 that I really like. I think AA batteries are a must.

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I have a canon A70, it’s awesome for the money, really good. You can only find it used on Amazon, but they probably have new cameras from the same line in your price range.

I was looking at the A410 on Amazon…is the A520 a step up or a step down?


A step up.