Recommend me a depressing movie.

Terms of Endearment

The Sweet Hereafter

How did I forget that, I think I killed myself while watching it. Great movie though.

Monster’s Ball. Without a doubt.

The Champ

We nearly had to bring my sister to the hospital the first time she saw it. She couldn’t breath she was crying so hard.

*Old Yeller

Where the Red Fern Grows

Brian’s Song*

How about the New-Zealand movie Once Were Warriors.
About a very disfunctional family, with an incredibly violent dad.
It has everything you need : domestic violence, rape and suicide. :frowning:
Absolutely heart-breaking, but a very, very good film

Requiem for a Dream is also a very good one.
Leaving Las Vegas ain’t no picnic either.
Boys don’t cry just made me very angry.

I 2nd Once Were Warriors an incredible hard hitting, pun intended, movie.

Not a movie to go on a first date to as I did but then again I also went on a first date to The Accused :smack:

Osama, especially the final scene. It’s about a girl living under the Taliban.

First and last?


Good movies though, you think they would have appreciated your taste.

Actually only the Accused lead to no further dates. I got two hours of how all men were bastards and potential rapists. I didn’t call her after that.

OWW just shocked the fuck out of the girl. She was a bit of a wallflower.

21 Grams

I dare you to try and feel good after this one.

I showed Shadowlands to my fiancé a few months ago and she was sobbing by the end. I guess I’d forgotten just how sad it was.
“Why did you show this to me? It’s so sad!”


THE SEVENTH SEAL (not to be confused with The Seventh Sign- PLEASE!)

HAROLD AND MAUDE can be depressing or just bittersweet

THE RAPTURE (w/ Mimi Rogers & David Duchovny- yes, it’s the kind of Rapture the Left Behind series is about, but this one is good)

The Grifters has a bit of downer feeling to it, and it is a good movie.

My first thought like many others was Grave of the Fireflies

here is another ‘makes you cry’ depressing title

Rabbit-Proof Fence

Movies that make you cry… ditto to **Trunk’s ** list but adding **Always ** and Steel Magnolias. Oh and Iron Giant.

Glory. Most depressing damned movie I’ve ever seen.

Wholehearted agreement with House of Sand and Fog, which is a damned depressing movie, and Rabbit Proof Fence.

I’d also recinnend adding Mystic River and The Magdalene Sisters to the viewing list.