Recommend me a discussion board site or software

The Straight Dope, I know, excellent choice, huzzah, huzzah.

Seriously, I’m looking for a site I can set up where I can link to discussions on my essays on bondage imagery in mainstream media, my novels and my whatnot from my site. I’ve been using EZBoards for that purpose, but they keep crashing, going out of service, and generally not being available. I’m through with 'em. Anybody got a recommendation for a site or some easy-to-install software at low or no cost (preferably no cost) that I can use for that purpose?

phpBB is a free, full-featured bulletin board software package. You do need your own website to install it on however.

Thanks, I’ll check into it. I do have a website: Bondagerotica. But much of it is not work safe. What I’d like to do is link between its content, which is mostly reviews and essays, and a discussion site.

Link removed; not work safe–Veb

We aren’t a PG site, Evil Captor, but posters browse this place from work. Keep your site at least two-clicks removed so casual readers don’t stumble into porn by mistake.

Do not do this again.


I guess that kind of proves Evil Captor’s point about needing a separate site for the discussion group, thus making his own site two clicks away.

Rather than start a new forum, why not post on this one. Sure, it is a little dead, but why not bring life back to it?

P.S. IANABondage enthusiast, I simply read this comic, which links to it.

Sorry about that, Tveblen, won’t post any links there again. But to be honest, I tried to set up my opening page so that it WOULD be work safe … there isn’t any nudity on it.

Actually, I just want a site where people who want to discuss my articles can do so. I have both plain-text and illustrated versions, so there could be work-safe and non-work-safe links between the articles.

I know it is cheesy, but have you considered yahoo groups? This author seems to make it work just fine, without that disturbing yahoo feel.