Recommend me a good cognac or brandy

Can anyone recommend a good cognac or brandy? A friend of mine is having a birthday/housewarming party and I want to get him something nice. I personally can spend $20 give or take, but if I chip in with a friend, then double that.

Thanks in advance.

Get him some Hennessy or Martel. Or better yet, ask the person at the liquor store for some good armagnac in that price range.

It’s all about the Courvosier! Classy stuff, popular right now due to a lot of hip-hop lyrics, smooth, and oh so tasty.

Pass the Courvosier!

I’m not a huge fan of cognac, but I have a bottle of Pierre Ferrand cognac that I think is pretty tasty.

The absolute worst reason to buy anything. :smack:

Go with Hennessy

Go with the Hennessy V.S.O.P. - this one is the bottom of the Hennessy line in France (I appears that the USA has one rung lower in Hennessy V.S., but I’ve never tasted it, nor have I seen it for sale in France. ) and sells here (in France) for about $32, depending on where you shop. I absolutely love cognac and usually drink the Hennessy X.O., but of the “entry level” cognacs I think by far the best tasting is the VSOP. I am NOT a fan of the Martel or the Courvoisier, but if that’s all you can find it is better than nothing!


My personal favorite is Remy Martin XO…very smooth and warm - but I think the bottle runs a bit pricey… $140 maybe…

Remy makes Louis XIII - $100 a glass, and $1600 for a crystal cut bottle… personally I think XO tastes better…