Recommend me a good digital camera

hmm since i saw a recommend me a camera link just below this one thought i’d ask some of your opinions

so can anybody recommend me a digital camera for $150-$250
spec is at least USB support 1024 res and timer

But I’m pretty happy with my Sony DSC-30. Resolution is 1280x960 on high quality. Check it out and see if it strikes your fancy. One warning, though: Do NOT use disposable batteries in this thing. It eats through them in 10-15
minutes, tops. I bought myself a lithium battery pack and
an AC Adapter/charger (which the manual claims is necessary to use USB anyway) and it’s a godsend, well worth the $100. I also recommend a bigger memory stick than the wussy 4meg that comes with the camera. I have a 32 meg (35 pics at high quality) in there now and it’s enough for casual use. A real pic-freak might need the 64 (70 pictures at high quality) or even the 128 (140 pictures at high quality).

Under $200 you are likely to get something that is basically a toy. You won’t like the picture quality, features, and you’ll end up wanting a better one.

From $200 up there are several very respectable entry level cameras. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about USB support. For $20 you can get a cardreader that always lives on your PC and it makes life much easier than plugging in the camera.

The cameras that seem to fall into your range are:

Fuji FinePix 2600

Canon Powershot A10

Canon Powershot A20

Fuji FinePix A201

Kodak DX3500

Kodak DX3600

Olympus Brio D-150 Zoom

Olympus Brio D-230 Zoom

A good optical zoom (forget digital zoom, it’s useless) makes the camera much more usable. Compact Flash is probably cheaper than SmartMedia, and it looks like the direction to go, but for now SM is just fine. I’m not a fan of Sony MemoryStix, proprietary and costly, and there are simply better cameras out there.

After you buy your camera you’ll need to by rechargable AA batteries and more memory. Regular batteries won’t last long enough to get back from the store. Rechargable NiMH batteries are the only way to go, you’ll save huge amounts of money. Take a look at the MAHA recharger at

Also, visit for reviews of all the cameras on the market.

HP 315

For the price, it cannot be beat. 2.1MP res (1600x1200 I believe) and pretty damn cheap now too… right around $200 I think.

Real nice little unit.

If you’re interested in price surfing, you have to check PriceWatch.
Tons of price listings, usually pretty good, and the ratings of the places that are selling.