recommend me a good free DVD player download

I need a free player to watch a DVD on my PC. A free program that expires is fine, I really just need it for today. I tried PowerDVD–it installs, but all I get is a black screen when I try to watch a disc. My Windows Media player doesn’t have the correct codec apparently. Is there software somewhere that will let me watch a normal, store bought DVD on my PC just for today? I’m not having any luck-I found one that did work, but only fof ten minutes at which point it tries to get me to purchase the program.

Download VLC media player.

We actually tried that one while we were waiting. It seems to be looking to open a vbo file, as opposed to an ifo file like the other one that worked was doing. If I select one of the vbo files to play, it just gives me an error.

Try the “open disc” option from the file menu, and select your DVD-ROM drive, and then open that. Trying to open individual files won’t work.

Apparently I am an idiot. Of course that worked just fine…Thanks!