Recommend me a good introductory book for learning electrical stuff

I know nothing about electricity, but I want to learn how it all works. I have dreams of someday learning enough to where I can starting building some electrical components. Can someone recommend me a book where a beginner can learn about electrical stuff, like capacitors, transistors, resistors, voltage, amps, etc.?

You may be able to find some real good stuff online if you aren’t specifically looking for a book. If you are wanting a textbook, I used this when learned a few years ago in college. It’s a decent book, but if you don’t have any prior experience it may be a difficult read.,,0471447951_BKS_1559___,00.html

I don’t have any experience with this book, but it looks like it may be what you are looking for since it seems like less theory and more doing stuff. It’s Electronics for Dummies:

One of the oldest companies involved in the field is the Howard W Sams Co, now called Sams Technical Publishing. Dating back to the mid forties, they publish service literature for radios, tv’s and other consumer electronics goods. They also have a line of technical instruction books, which should address your interest.

Another option would be the Cleveland Institute of Electronics. They’ve been around for ages and offer distance learning programs, self-study programs, and have a bookstore.

Yea, that’s where I would start. Here are a few sites to check out:

When I was curious about electronics in particular, I picked up a copy of “The Art of Electronics” by Horowitz and Hill. Chock full of practical knowledge but still enough theory to explain what the heck is going on. Not SUPER DUPER readable but one of the better more comprehensive books I;ve come across on the topic.

I also have that book. Good book, but I would not recommend it for the beginner.

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I would recommend The Art of Electronics to anybody asking questions like the OP. It is very interesting and just loaded to the brim. If you want handholding and a simple no-nonsense lesson plan, then maybe this isn’t a good start, but if you are curious and want to follow your nose, you could spend a very fun year inside this book - and there are plenty of sections that a beginner could digest. If I could have only one electronics book, this would be it.

I agree. But as mentioned, I would not recommend it for the beginner.