Recommend me a hotel in Manhattan?

I’m maybe looking for a room in New York for a couple of nights in a few weeks. I don’t really want to spend more than about $110/night, and I want something decent and clean.

Any good experiences at a place like that?

Aren’t we supposed to put joke threads in MPSIMS?

Hey, I managed it in San Francisco! It wasn’t exactly the Ritz, but it was at least clean.

I know a lot of people are going to come into this thread to say it can’t be done. That makes me think that my standards are way lower than others, because I think it can be done.

The Gem Hotel Chelsea is my favorite. Very nice and clean (small rooms though) right on 300 W. 22nd St. Matta fact, I have the number on my phone, here. 212-675-1911. There are others, but that one is my fave.

Okay, that was snarky of me. Sorry.

There’s the New York Inn that’s $112 a night, but the reviews say things like:

“Dirty Prostitute Den”

“I joked to my roomate that this place is a crackhouse, sure enough when looking to plug in tv (it wasnt working) there was paraphenalia laying underneath the bed.”

And my favorite:

“hmm…how to desribe this hotel? the only good point is the excellent location, situated one minute away from times square. this can be only reason why this hotel has been allowed to stay open. we were greeted on our arival by a cleaner sitting on our bed smoking and watching tv. the door to our room did not lock properly and could easily be opened by anyone applying force. every morning our bathroom was soaked as the bathroom from the room above us leaked into ours. on one of the days of our trip my boyfriend was offered heroin while we entered the hotel!!! also we were awoken one night by sex orgy going on which probably involved the prositutes that line up outside the hotel (in front of the xxx rated porn shops located next to the hotel) if all this does not convince you to not stay here then maybe the fact that we had mice/rats in our room will help change your decision!!!”
That said, why not Brooklyn or upping your price tag to at least $150 a night? (Of course, WHEN you’re going is a factor too. Weekends or weekdays and what time of the year).

I thought your original answer was pretty funny.

But I want to make sure the OP gets a serious answer because I notice people always say that NYC is IMPOSSIBLY expensive, but I haven’t found that to be true (But I have never lived there, so my opinion is not worth much to many.)

My good friend’s brownstone in Harlem is great, IMO, and he pays 975 a month. Of course, the neighborhood may not be good enough for some people’s tastes, but I think it is just awesome! But I hear people saying all the time, “You won’t find a closet in NYC for less than 2000!” and I’m always like, huh?

Are there decent hotels in Brooklyn for around $100 a night? If so what are their names?

In what alternate universe did you get the GEM Chelsea** for $110? I just checked their website and rooms start at $209.

I asked in at the Inn on 23rd St and I vaguely recall rates went as low as $125 depending on the time of year. You would have to call them and find out about rates though, as that was a couple of years ago. That does include breakfast. The Inn itself is very nice and well located, but it is immediately next door to a homeless shelter.
**Important - NOT the same as the Chelsea Hotel - the place where Sid Vicious killed Nancy Spungen, and in an unrelated yet also disgusting incident, Leonard Cohen got a blow job from Janis Joplin. That’s on 23rd st. and has cleaned up considerably.

Last year I was in NY and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express for $105 a night. (The one on Butler).

Well, I have never checked their website, but I have waltzed right in and gotten a double for 120. Granted, that room was teeny-tiny, but, even when we get a decent room, it is usually not more than 150. Every summer, we go.
I actually find 209 to be a very good price for a hotel of that calliber. But so far, I haven’t had to pay anywhere near that. Never called ahead, either.

If I am not able to get a room at the Gem, I will happily stay in one of the other burroughs. It doesn’t matter which one, since I hit every burrough save Staten Island anytime I go to the city. On Broadway in the Bronx there is a motel that while very seedy, is actually kinda clean and seems safe enough. It is 80 bucks a night, and I have had to go for that in a pinch, more than once.

The Salisbury Hotel, near Carnegie Hall, is operated by the Calvary Baptist Church next door. It is old, but clean and well-run. (It’s not “churchy”, if that would be a concern to you.) Their web site is currently offering special rates of $109 per night.

I doubt you’ll find anything better in Manhattan without tripping over used needles.

Hmm. Hello Again, I just called the Gem and got a quote of 189, which makes me think that I AM in an alternate universe. I could have sworn! I’m so certain. Well, that takes some of the smug out of my sails. My best friend also remembers being all proud of our great find! We both wonder how we could have gotten it wrong??? The man said it varies, but I can’t imagine it varying that much. Sorry about that, tdn. I was trying to help, and was certain I was right!

I would recommend finding a hotel in Long Island City ---- the area just across the East River from Midtown Manhattan and 1 subway stop away from 59th Street and Lexington Ave.

This area was recently rezoned for hotels and they have been springing up like weeds ever since, the best part is 90% of them are in brand new buildings which greatly decreases the likelyhood of dumpiness. The Country Inn and Suites has always looked particularly nice from the outside and according to there average rate is under $70 a night. There are a lot of other major chain hotels in brand new buildings in the area so there’s a lot of choice, and most of them are in that price range ( except the Holiday Inn, which is a great modern place with big windows but it costs a little more)

You won’t find much in the way of restaurants and nightlife in the immmediate area, it’s still pretty industrial in some respects but you’ll be in Manhattan for that stuff and all these places are near the subway so you can use mass transit.

Just run a search on any hotel site for hotels in Long Island City, NY…the area is a great find if you need a hotel

My coworker booked The Hudson Hotel on W 58th Street for $130; said it was small but nice. Honestly I haven’t heard of anything decent in Manhattan much lower than that without a shared bathroom.

But then again, although I’ve never personally done the shared bathroom thing, it may be a good tradeoff. There’s a place near me called The Amsterdam Inn that has some good reviews. I’d stay there in a heartbeat over vermin-infested places like the New York Inn.

Try and name your own price.

That’s the (only) way to do it. I regularly get 3+ star rooms in good locations for around $110.

My last two visits to NYC, I ended up with the Millennium Hilton and the Grand Hyatt for $150 (including taxes, my bid was around $125 and I chose 4-star deluxe) a night.

ETA: Select areas 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (just don’t select 1 or 6, they’re farther away from downtown Manhattan)

Depending on the season and specific date, the properties from give excellent rates for perfectly good Midtown properties (example: 32d St between 5th and 6th, 24-26 March upcoming, as of tonight starting @ $120, I’ve stayed at that location and it’s fine), but otherwise to make $110 rate I would have to go the Priceline-bid option too.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn -
108 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 414-1000

When we were in NYC in September. More expensive than you specified (around $200), but perfect location and very nice and clean.