Recommend me a knife sharpener

We bought a set of Henkel kitchen knives not too long ago; not their best set but not inexpensive, either. I can get only so far using the steel that came with the set but I’m unsure about sharpeners. Being somewhat old school, I’ve always considered grinding wheels as a good way to ruin knives; a whetstone was the only way to go.

Are there any automatic sharpeners on the market that will do a good job without damaging a good knife? If so, I would welcome recommendations as to which one to buy.

All inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

If these are “micro-serrated”, they are impossible to sharpen, although you can hone the backside. I have a “Chef’sChoice” knife sharpener for my non-serrated knives, and it does a good job, although I can do a better job by hand, if I wanted to take the time.