Recommend me a long-running "dramedy"

Just wanted to say that the supporting characters in Monk are part of the fun. The frustrations of his long-suffering shrink, the interplay between the hardened Police Captain and his way-too-gung-ho assistant… oh, and Natalie’s teenage daughter cares about Monk but is exasperated by him as well.

Shameless was great until Emmy Rossum left. Then it turned into an unwatchable mess. We suffered through last season, but never made it past the third episode in the current one.

One of the biggest dropoffs in quality I’ve ever seen.

Regarding Mr. Robot

ETA: Oops, misread that as the second to last episode of the first season. Which is when I stopped. I don’t know what the end series twist was.

That’s when I left the show. I wanted a smart show about hacking and computers, but what I got was a show about a mental disorder which pretty much only exists in fiction

I know it kept up with the hacking in later seasons, but too many other good things to watch to stick with such an annoying trope. I’d be open to revisit the show if it turns out what annoys me just becomes a background story.