Recommend me a pork pie hat

So I was thinking that my brother might look good in a pork pie hat. He’s balding and has been wearing Kangol wool flat caps that look just terrible on anyone but Samuel L. Jackson. I’m thinking classic pork pie, made of straw with a telescope crown. Stingy brim of course. Please share your recommendations on where to find such a fine chapeau. Price range ~$50-100.

Bailey Burnham Panama Porkpie

Kangol makes a pork pieas well - very comfortable and crushable…

That Bailey Burnham is mighty fine.

We aim to please here on the Doper Concierge desk :wink:

I have a slightly different Bailey Panama and really like it. Quality.

Now must measure my brother’s head without his knowing.

Kevin Pollak has been showcasing the Goorin Brothers collection.

Oh very nice too. I may have to start wearing a pork pie hat.:smiley: