Recommend me a refrigerator

when last we checked in at casa scubaqueen, the ice maker on her 15-year-old GE Profile side-by-side had turned up its toes. i’ve decided to bag an attempt to have it repaired and get a new appliance. the minute i do get it repaired, the whole appliance will die. it’s happened to me before with other big ticket things.

at 22 cu, the fridge isn’t the biggest kid on the block, but the size fits perfectly into the allotted kitchen space, so who am i to argue with success?

so fellow dopers, whatcha got in the way of a black (it’s gotta be black to match the other appliances) side-by-side recommend of 22 cu?

I used to sell appliances for Home Depot.

General electric still makes many quality units, with very professional and generally speedy aftercare (repair and parts availibility). Most models are available in Black, and you have a wide choice of options.

I got to the point were I would refuse to sell models made by Maytag. It wasn’t the products themselves, but the delivery and aftermarket care were abysmal. This may be a regional thing, mind you, so ymmv.

Fridges are one of the BIG energy consumers in your house. so watch those energy use stickers. Auto defrost can really suck up the watts. Many fridges are now being made “Smart”. They have a computer that monitors your use and after a few weeks “learn” that you seldom open the fridge on weekday mornings between midnight and 5:30 am. They go into a low energy usage mode at these times that can really save you bucks. They do tend to be more expensive though.

For the most part, ignore the “Additional Warrenty” package. Most reputable fridge manufacturers have 2-5 yr warrenties from the manufacturer which are adequate. Note the above disclaimer about Maytag products.

Keep your freezer full, even if its just with ice cream pails filled with ice. Air is the most expensive thing to keep in your freezer, as everytiome you open the door it “pours” out onto the floor and is replaced with warm air from the room.

Hope this helps…



We just got a new, black Fridgidaire side-by-side, 26 cu. from Sears, and I love it. Our old fridge was 15-years-old, a 21.7 cu. ft. We wanted something bigger but had trouble with the height because we’d had the floors tiled which raised the floor 1/4". The one we ended up with just barely clears the cabinet above. The Sears guy was real helpful as we measured the various models. At Home Depot we found one we liked but it was too tall. The Home Depot saleswoman tried to talk me into the fridge with the freezer drawer at the bottom. I don’t like those – don’t want to have to bend over to sort through and retrieve stuff. The new one from Sears cost around $1,000. While we were waiting for the saleman to do his paperwork, I noticed a black stove at a good price ($700), and we decided to get that too. We got a Sears credit card that has no interest for a year, and we’ll be able to pay it off before a year is up.

I’m not a fan of the side-by-side freezer/fridge design, although I recently bought exactly that. For me, the problem is that two values I hold dear are in direct conflict: I love to cook exotic stuff and “granola” type stuff, and therefore want to store a huge range of spices and whole grains in the freezer; and at the same time I want to reduce my carbon footprint. Until now I have always had a stand-alone freezer, but when we moved last fall and I had to buy a new fridge/freezer, I got the side-by-side and decided not to have a separate freezer.

I’m not thrilled with the side-by-side, because now it seems like both the fridge and the freezer are too small. Not so bad with the fridge, actually. But there is no room for actual FOOD in my freezer because it is all filled up with Penzey’s herbs and teff.

Oh well. I hope the planet appreciates my sacrifice.

It probably doesn’t. Earth is an unappreciative bitch that way.

Check the inside “depth” (front to rear) along with inside width. Our new house came with this giant GE Monogram that won’t even hold a medium pizza box since the shelves are so shallow and the door pockets so thick. Also, it hurts my fingers trying to break the vacuum seal when opening the door while holding a milk jug. Can’t stop doing it tho’…

If Amana is still making refrigerators, check them out. The Amana fridge we bought in 1994 is still doing great.

I’m in the market myself and I liked the Maytag layout with the water filter in the bottom front. I believe they also make some of the Sears brand units except the freezer is made with a smaller ice tray so there is additional room above. Not sure why modern freezers need such huge ice trays but I prefer the space.

I have a three door LG that I just love.