Recommend me a serial killer thriller.

Hi, I’ve searched the book recommendations thread and I don’t see anything that deals directly with this sub genre of crime fiction. So please, Shoot! Recommend me some sinister and bloodthirsty villains just one step ahead of their emotionally broken super sleuth pursuants.

This isn’t totally exactly what you were talking about, butDevil in the White City was the first book that sprang to mind.

John Sandford’s Prey Seriesalso isn’t exactly what you are looking for (it’s about a cop not the killer) but is a pretty good crime fiction series.

A neat twist on the genre are Tim Dorsey’s Serge Storms books. Set in Florida, they recount the adventures of Serge, an amiable, manic serial killer who only kills assholes. Of which there are plenty. Funny, insane, whacko…they read like a cross between Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen. Start with either Florida Roadkill or Hammerhead Ranch Motel.

I’m intrigued and that is now on my library reservation wish list. Thank you.

You are welcome. I hope you like it, I really liked it a lot.

I’ve reserved Florida Roadkill too. Again, not what i was thinking of but sounds entertaining. Thank you.

I assume you’ve read all the Hannibal books?

Yeah, for sure. I’ve discovered Cody McFadyen recently who writes serial killer themed thrillers very much in the vein of Thomas Harris. This has left me (blood) thirsty for more.

Try Nightlife by Thomas Perry. He does a lot of cat and mouse type thrillers (usually with professional killers), but this one is about a serial killer, and a female one at that. As is typical with his books, you get into the mindset of both the serial killer and the detective investigating the case.

How about Hush. It is a serial killer police procedural novel written by Theresa Weir (using the name Anne Frasier). I’m about half way through and it is very good.

It is available free as a kindle download.

The First Deadly Sin by Lawrence Sanders. You’ll enjoy the rest of the series, too, if you like the protagonist.

Have you read **The Alienist **by Caleb Carr? Set in 1896 Manhattan. A bit slow at the end, but a fun historical ride along the way…

Are you squeamish? Val Mcdermid’s Dr. Tony Hill series is excellent, but there is quite a bit of sexual violence. Hill is a clinical psychologist and part of his appeal is that he considers himself as loony as the serial killers he profiles.

Quite a few of Ed McBain’s, including his first Cop Hater, The Mugger, Heat, and some others.

I suggest The Judas Child, by Carrol O’Connell.

Seconding John Sandford’s Prey series, especially the earlier ones. If nothing else, read the two with Michael Bekker as the bad guy. Also the two with Clara Rinker the assassin are hard to beat. (Silent Prey & Eyes of Prey, and Mortal Prey & Certain Prey, respectively. I think).

For something a little less mac & cheese, try Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus series.

Also Trevanian’s The Main is superb. Not exactly serial killer, but a good police story. For a killer you will definitely love, try Shibumi.

Messiah by Boris Starling

A London detective has to find out the identity of a serial killer who is killing guys with the same names and occupations as the 12 disciples, in the way that disciple was killed.

The rest of Starling’s books are just as gruesome/awesome. I love him.

Thanks for these and by all means keep them coming. I’m definitely checking out the Prey series. Messiah is already on my to read list. I love the Rebus books. Interestingly - in UK TV adaptations of Rebus and Messiah the lead characters were played by the same actor - Ken Stott.

Have a look at the first two in the Dexter series. (Skip the third.)

James Ellroy wrote a very good serial killer novel called ‘Killer on the Road’ which examines things more from the killer perspective.

It’s not quite as good as most of the Hollywood Quintet books - and those have some good serial killer action in them too, most notably The Black Dahlia.

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