Recommend me a web series like The Guild, but not about gamers

As preparation for a Super Secret Project, I need to watch some web-series. The sort of thing I’m looking for is like The Guild, but I’m not into online role-playing games and a lot of the humor in that one isn’t my bag. I’d prefer something with a more general subject matter (although if you have a web series that you love, but it’s about a particular sub-group, by all means recommend it). My wish list:

[ul][li]Funny and fast-paced[/li][li]well-written characters[/li][li]moderately short episodes (ca. 7-10 minutes or so)[/li][li]a fair number of episodes in the can[/ul][/li]
They can be on YouTube or a dedicated site.

Do me a favor and, along with the link, PLEASE add a short description of the series’s concept.


No new episodes in a while but PauL.A. did about 8 or so short episodes.

Description: PauL.A. is selfish, just like you. PauL.A. hates people, just like you. PauL.A. drinks beer all day, just like you wish you could. He might be your hero.

Sort of a Guild spinoff, ish, The Webventures of Justin & Alden is about two guys trying to make it to the Streamy Awards to meet Felicia Day.

I also have to mention The Legend of Neil, about an ordinary guy who gets sucked into the Nintendo game Zelda. Like The Guild, a lot of it is focused on gamer humor, but I think it stands on its own very well.

Dr. Horrible? But there are only three episodes.

Dr Horrible led me to The Guild in the first place – I bought the Blu-Ray of it and in “Commentary: The Musical,” Felicia Day hilariously pimps *The Guild."

Another one I like, which only has four episodes so far, is Good Job, Thanks! (it’s a darkly funny look at what it’s like to be a Hollywood casting director.)

Netflix has a show called Ctrl about a doofy guy who spills tea on his keyboard and finds out that he can affect real life using keyboard shortcuts on his tea-ed keyboard. They’re humorous and only about 5 minutes long. Some of the clips are shades of Groundhog’s Day where he uses ctrl-z to try to make various encounters come out to his benefit but I enjoyed the ones I saw.

Sounds interesting! I don’t have Netflix, though.

Hey, everybody, I’d like to add another item to my wish list:

More than just one or two main characters – a core group of four-plus who interact with each other, as well as peripheral characters.

(again, don’t let that stop you from recommending something you really like – it’s just a closer fit to what I’m looking for.)

It looks like some episodes are on Ctrl episode 1

Watching Legend of Neil now, and good LORD it’s hilarious. And I DO play console games, so I get the jokes.

I remember liking Michael Cera’s web series when it first came out, Clark and Michael. But there are only 2 central characters. A lot of other characters come in and out, tho.

Synopsis is that these two young guys who are trying to make it in Hollywood play caricatures of themselves trying to make it in Hollywood.

I only lost touch with it because I lost my patience for sitting at my desk watching stuff on YouTube (says the girl with a very expensive computer hooked up to her 40" TV).

This one actually looks like a good fit with what I’m looking for subject-wise. Thanks!

Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager
Darth Vader’s little brother manages a grocery store and interacts with crazy people. Star Matt Sloan does such a good Vader that LucasArts has hired him to voice the Dark Lord of the Sith in the recent Star Wars games.

I like “Poor Paul”,

I don’t know if I can describe it exactly, there are 4 main characters though. Wikipedia describes it as a “sex comedy and politically incorrect web series”. I think that’s misleading though. There’s also 30-something episodes right now. Also, Samantha Droke is in it, who is a near-obscure actress who I really like.

Give the first couple episodes a try and see what you think.

Floaters is about a group of young women who share an apartment in New York and work as temps/floaters in a cube maze. Search for love is a major theme.

Young American Bodies is by mumblecore director Joe Swanberg and is about several twentysomethings in Chicago who hang out in a coffee shop, and have a lot of sex and unrequited love. Both male and female full-frontal nudity. Search for love is a major theme in this one too.

Watching “Clark and Michael” over on… It’s pretty funny in a “the office” kind of way. thanks for the recommendation, ZipperJJ.

Keep 'em coming, folks!

So, this doesnt go online until September 30th, it appears, but I’ve been eagerly following their trailers, and it looks to be a comedic ensemble cast. It’s called Team Allies, from what I can tell, it’s like a sitcom, like arrested development or something, but all the characters seem to have super powers…well, at least the one girl seems to from the trailer, she’s in spandex. Anyways, watch the “epic” clip, it’s hilarious. And then maybe check it out on the 30th? It seems like it fits all of your requirements.

oh shot, you wanted episodes to already be out there, nevermind, sorry!

Awkward Embraces, maybe? About a nerdy girl unlucky in relationships. Hardly breaking new ground, but it’s funny.

I’m liking this one so far! Thanks for suggesting it.