Recommend me an Android Phone

My phone unexpectedly died and can’t be repaired so I am shopping for a new one. The only smart phones I have ever owned were Droids, the Droid X and the Droid Maxx. I really liked the battery life of my phones. They seemed much better than my friends’ Samsungs and iPhones in that regard but I am willing to branch out though since Motorola has fallen on some hard times. What Androids would you recommend? Thanks.

What do you use your phone for, and who is your provider?

Verizon. Any and all recommendations are welcome. Just let me know if you like your phone.

Verizon also, and I currently use a Samsung S6 Edge, but I am going to switch to a Moto G6 or G3 because of bigger screen and more memory, and because Verizon turns off the FM chip in most of their models and the Moto G is one of the few where the chip is still turned on. This will allow me to use the NextRadio ap.

Samsung Galaxy 6. Is has a better camera than the 7 and 8 though, so I’ll be doing the research again next time around. It’s been a great phone, and surprisingly rugged. within a few days of purchase it survived being run over by a car!

If I had it to do again, I wouldn’t spring for the “edge” feature though. It actually just makes it really hard to hold your phone without bringing up unwanted screens. The display is great, the memory can be upgraded by a generic chip and the battery length is excellent.

Another reason I’m dumping my phone for the Moto.

I’ve got an original Pixel. Love it and am waiting until early October for the new one. I like the stock android and getting updates early.

I’ve had a Moto G4 Plus for the last two years or so, and I’ve been pretty happy with it, so I would consider the new Moto G6 to be a good option. For some reason they decided to make the “Plus” version unavailable in the USA, though. Still, it looks to be a very good phone for the price.

The only drawback I’d see going with another Motorola phone would be that they no longer provide timely OS updates like they did before Lenovo acquired them.

After years of avoiding getting a smartphone I finally went out and got a Pixel 2 from Verizon in June. (I had a $100 balance on my prepaid Verizon account so I had no intention of choosing another carrier).

I’m happy with the Pixel 2 so far–my only real complaint is with Google’s “suggested contacts”-- it put a couple of contacts at the top of the list that I don’t interact with anymore and I can’t delete them.

The one thing I really like is the Photosphere camera app. It allows you to take 360° interactive panoramas like this one of a trail junction in the redwoods. (You might have to click on the linked image twice to get the full effect.)

Also to add I would like to ask are you willing to buy a phone used or does it have to be new?
I like the Pixel 1 from Google. It comes in reg and xl sizes and the XL regularly got me 4-5 hours screen on time. (that is actual use not just idling. It is a powerful enough phone to do anything.
I buy my phones outright new and used from Swappa.

I have a Google Pixel 2XL, and I love it.

My wife and I love our Pixel 2’s.

The Note 8 is amazing, and I suspect the Note 9 is at least as good.

Just an FYI, no one that I know who works in the intelligence community will buy an Android phone. If security is important to you, take that piece of advice into consideration.

I’ve an original Pixel too. It’s still a great device - with the latest android update it’s even snappier than it was when new, and the battery life is still excellent. I mean, this thing’s got a near two-year-old battery in it and it’s still chugging along - I’ve never had to worry about charging it even on relatively heavy use days.

Any of the galaxys are good. You can go cheapy mcCheap or really spend some big bucks. Your call. I have yet to see one that wasn’t just amazing. IPhones are crap. IMO.

It’s not a high-end phone but my Moto E4 Plus does everything I want it to do and the battery lasts for days (I am a light user).

I appreciate everyone’s input. I ended up with a Moto Z3. I decided to stick with Droid,. It had decent reviews and was half the price of the other phones. It’s larger and thinner than my Maxx and the power button is on the opposite side which will all take getting used to. Still a little sad about what I lost when my old phone died but at least some things were tied to my Google account.

I like Moto phones mostly because it’s very pure Android experience. I am annoyed that the upgrades haven’t come as often as I would like, my G4 is still on Nougut.

if I were to buy a new phone today I would definitely go with a G6, which I can get for $250. Another reason to look at Moto phones isn’t they still have some models with user-replaceable batteries, which is an excellent thing if you have a 2 hour each way public transit commute like my wife does. it also helps you get more than two years out of a phone if you’re not the type to constantly be upgrading.

The other phones quite liked by the phone experts I follow are the OnePlus models.

I have heard about some security experts preferring iOS over Android, but I’ve seen as many go the other way. Myself, I have no reason to trust Apple.

I have a dumb question about my new phone and don’t think it is worth a new thread. My new phone doesn’t have physical button anymore. There are three options at the bottom. Back (Triangle), Home (Circle) and a List of open programs (Square). On my old phone hitting back enough to go to the home screen would close programs. On this one that takes you back to Home but I see the program is still open under the square button and I have to close it there. Is that normal?