Recommend me remote desktop software (XP)

Any recommendations or experience with remote desktop software? Mama Zappa has been tech support for my Dad. Being able to see his desktop would make her life easier. Dad’s pretty good at describing what he sees and doing what he’s told, but sometimes that’s not enough. Dad’s on an XP machine. Thanks in advance!

If he goes to start - help, he should be able to create a remote assistance request (“invite someone you know to help you” or something like that). If he uses Outlook it will create and send the request for him. Or if not it will save the request as a file on his desktop that he can email to you. It should automatically navigate the firewall for him if he uses Windows Firewall.

TeamViewer - free for personal use, still runs on XP

I second this, I use it to assist my Mom all the time.

Third this, plus you can access the pc from your phone, which comes in handy.

Fourth Teamviewer. It’s what I use to help my mother out.

Another vote for TeamViewer, which I use with my mom.

This is good to know. I’m (hopefully!) getting a smartphone for Christmas. Yes, I use TeamViewer with my Mom also.

ETA: Let’s hope it works with Dads just as well. :slight_smile:

TeamViewer, definitely.

Chalk up another one; seems almost unanimous.

I was using LogMeInwith father-in-law for a while, but then they dropped the free version. We switched to TeamViewer and it’s great. No only does it share screens like LogMeIn (and Join.Me, for that matter) did, but voice-communication is built-in. Now we use it instead of Skype, as well (I’d rather look at his desktop than see through his webcam).