recommend me some board games for two

Winter’s coming, and my boyfriend and I are looking for something to keep us amused indoors. Most of the board games I know are for four or more people. Any recommendations?


Mille Bournes (actually it’s a card game)
Small World

Well, since RickJay beat me to the best game ever, this is what I got left…

Rummy Cubes, Mastermind, Racko, Memory and Stratego are ones I still like to play.
None of them are technically board games except Stratego, but they all play with two players quite well.

If you like Scrabble but want a twist, Upwords is a similar, but different, game, good for 2-4 people.

I highly recommend Blokus. It comes in a 2-player version, and it’s a great game.

I’ll second Blokus. It’s a lot of fun.

I can recommend something to keep a couple amused indoors, but it doesn’t necessarily require a board, and both players can win.

I remembered a game called Lost Cities.

Also, if you feel up to it, the War of the Ring is for two players. It would take longer than RISK.

I recommend Go and Chess. Oh, you don’t both have Aspberger’s Syndrome? Nevermind.

Mystery Mansion

board game:

card games:
skip-bo (though this one is more fun with more people, but it can be played with just 2)
the monopoly card game you might like (my GF liked it and she can’t stand the board game)
likewise there is a clue card game

Dice game:

Catan dice game (good if you like the settlers of catan board game… added bonus is that you can play it solo)

This is a wonderful game! I’d totally forgotten about it, but your post just opened up a whole slew of fond memories of playing it with my older sister. There’s quite a bit of set-up involved, IIRC, but it is a lot of fun.

Edit to Add–check out a Goodwill or Salvation Army–you can find some really quirky games there, and at only 2 or 3$ a pop, it’s no great loss if it’s a dud.

I’m looking at highly rated games at

I’m skipping games that don’t officially play two (though there may be a 2 player variant) or who I don’t think play well with two. Or games I haven’t played.

Agricola plays OK with two, but it does have some fiddly rules.
Dominion and Le Havre might work
The Ticket to Rides (nordic Countries might be best for two)
St Petersburg is popular amound a wide variety in my game group.


Thanks for the recs guys!

Unfortunately we’re living in Seoul, so it’s hard to find used board games around here . . . I’ll probably have to order them off ebay or something.

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I’d say you’re barking up the wrong tree for amusements. Now if you were heading into the winter with an aunt or cousin then I’d recommend a deck of cards and a book that explains how to play various card games.

Ingenious is loads of fun, as is the aforementioned Lost Cities.

Carcassonne: The Castle is an excellent two player game. It’s quite simple to understand and is a lot of fun.