Recommend me some comics please!

Recommend me some comics please!

I stopped in a shop last night on my way home from work. I was getting some smokes, when I noticed there was a shiny, new comic shop opened next door the the bodega. I haven’t been in a shop in at least 6 or 7 years. So I said what the hell, and went inside. Hello comic shock! I don’t recognize a lot of the titles (no big surprise, I know how fast that world can move) and a lot of the titles I used to buy, sadly seem to have gone.

I was pretty big on Fantagraphics titles, and all I saw in the shop was Love and Rockets, which was never a favorite. Is Hate gone? What about Jim?

For the DC/Marvel, I wouldn’t know where to start. I don’t know some new characters, and I don’t know any of the storylines happening right now. I’m interested enough to try and pick up on some stuff, so what’s a good place to start? I realize this is a pretty broad question…

With that user name I assume you’ve read Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, yes? If not, do so – it’s collected into ten volumes (called trade paperbacks or TPB’s). I also recommend Mike Carey’s spin-off series Lucifer, which is nearing the end of its run; so far there are 6 or 7 TPB’s.

I think the best regular series currently coming out is Y - The Last Man from DC’s Vertigo imprint. In the first issue every man and male animal on earth dies of a mysterious plague with the exception of Yorick Brown and his helper monkey, Ampersand. It’s a fantastic book, the people seem real, and their decisions make sense.

Another of my favorites is Queen & Country, by Greg Rucka (Oni Press). It’s about a team of British spies, done realistically. Actual world events provide the backdrop for the stories, but they’re really about how this dangerous and morally questionable life affects the people who are in it, especially the main character Tara Chace. Also check out Rucka and Steve Lieber’s Whiteout and Whiteout: Melt which are set at a research installation in Antarctica.


Oh, Q&C is collected into like 6 or 7 TPB’s plus one of Q&C: Declassified, a spin-off series than has repercussions in the main book.

–Cliffy, again

As Cliffy says, if you haven’t read Sandman, start now. Other brilliant comics include Preacher, Watchmen, Hellblazer and the best of the bunch - V For Vendetta, probably the best comic ever written.

I’d like to put in a request that you check out Astro City, also in TPB.

Usagi Yojimbo.

Blue Monday.

JSA: Strange Tales.


Also, if you like manga, see if they have any old back issues of PULP. They’d be worth getting for Heartbroken Angels and Short Cuts alone.

Based on your location, I might suggest one of the recent Masters of the Universe titles.

Not exactly. Current events of Buddy Bradley turn up in a Hate Annual now. I think I saw one being solicited in a recent PREVIWS. About a year or so ago, Peter Bagge did a short-lived DC series called “Sweatshop” about a comic strip artist and a bullpen, with a new and interesting cast.

I have reservations about recommending anything from DC or Marvel right now, because all the decent stories I’m enjoying (DC’s IdentityCrisis; Marvel’s The Pulse, Avengers, their “Ultimate” lines and Powerless) are already in progress. If you want a lot of heroes, pick up the next JLA (not the current issue, the one after) when Kurt Busiek starts a new storyline. I like Daredevil (and pretty much ANYTHING Brian Michael Bendis writes) and the current issue sums up the previous events of the last 14 monts quite nicely.

Hate is sort of discontinued. Pete Bagge pulled the plug after issue 30, which was a couple years ago, but he still comes out with something called the Hate Annual, which features one or two stories based on the continuing lives of the Hate cast, plus it collects whatever Bagge’s been doing with himself over the past year. If you like Bagge’s stuff, I’d recommend it. I’ve been a fan of his since Hate No. 4, and I never felt that Bagge lost it. In fact, I think he’s just as fresh as ever. Of course, he did print one of my letters in Hate once, so he’s my friend for life!

I don’t know about Jim; I haven’t seen it around. I’ve recently discovered Fantagraphics’ Angry Youth Comix by Jimmy Ryan, which are juvenile, vulgar and vicious—a whole lot of fun, really. Another good one that comes out sporadically is Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle, which are hilarious. He did a story last year called “Chugbot” which is one of my favorite comic pieces by any artist ever.

Eightball is still going, from time to time. The latest issue came out a couple months ago. Dan Clowes still has it, too.

How could I forget—Gabbagool! This one’s a riot. It’s put out by a few guys in the Bronx. It’s well written with good stories and believable yet hilarious characters. It’s one of my favorite comics ever. I don’t know who prints it; google it and I’m sure it’ll come up.

I would also recommend Pete Sickman-Garner’s Hey, Mister, if you can find it. He doesn’t seem to have put anything out in the last couple years, so I don’t know if he’s retired, or what. (If anyone has any info on the status of Hey, Mister, I’d really like to know. I’ve googled it, but haven’t found any news.)


Oddly enough, I did notice a huge catagory of comics from 80’s cartoon shows, including the Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Transformers, etc. That’s pretty cool, but while I’m sure they’re great books, they’re not for me.

If you like “Night of the Living Dead” type stuff, you should check out The Walking Dead. It’s published through Image, and it’s one of the books I really look forward to each month.

If you liked “Fight Club” then IMMEDIATELY pick up the first 5 issues of “Wanted.” You will love this book.

I’m a fan of Vertigo’s Fables - it’s a bit slow at times, but generally very well written. And pretty much anything written by Alan Moore.

Isn’t Wanted being made into a movie?

Please keep the suggestions coming, I’m taking notes…

Ohhhhh, man. Don’t say that unless you mean it.

I mean it

Oh man, that’s great news! I am a little unhappy with the disingenuous method in which they treated Eminem, who I think could pull off the Wesley role serviceably enough.

Colin Farrell? The hell you say. That guy’s career can’t end quickly enough for my liking.

I wouldn’t worry too much, this isn’t even in pre-pre production yet. There’s a good chance Colin will have o.d.'d on something by the time that they make it.

Teen Titans : Go! is both fun and funky, in a relive-your-childhood kinda way.