Recommend me some good FINISHED fantasy series...

As much as i love the Song of Ice and Fire the fact that theres been one book in the past seven years or so is really ruining it for me. I want something i can start reading and keep reading until the end, not wait around several decades for… thank og good professor Tolkien had the decency to finish his grand work long before i was born or i wouldn’t know the ending to a single fantasy series i’ve ever started. I’m sure if i could search i’d find tons of threads with exactly what im looking for, alas im not allowed the privilege yet so help me out kind dopers! Stuff i like: Lord of the Rings, Song of Ice and Fire. Stuff i’ve hated: Wheel of time after the first half dozen books, Sword of Truth same.

Not as good as Martin’s series, but Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy is finished, and it’s not terrible. Also Lynn Flewelling’s Hidden Warrior trilogy – the first two books were pretty good, haven’t read the third.

I know you asked for completed series, but Steven Erikson’s Malazan Empire books are almost done, and by the time you read the first five or six, he’ll probably be finished. They’re not quick reads, and the story is complex enough that re-reading is a good idea. I’ve re-read three of them, and will probably read them again. I love 'em.

Then whatever you do, don’t start the Wheel of Time series!!! It’s a trap!

Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber series is finished. And it’s a much more imaginative work than the Lord of the Rings. Better written in many respects, too.

Don’t read the Wheel of Time! Don’t!

The Hidden Warrior trilogy is very good. I really like Tad Williams’ Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. The first book is The Dragonbone Chair. I prefer the Sithi to the Aurenfaie, but that’s just me.

Huh. Aside from Sabriel and the two other books following, nothing else is leaping to mind.

I second this. Some I recommend :

The Spellsong cycle by L.E. Modesitt, Jr; begins with The Soprano Sorceress. One of my favorites.

The Lords of Dûs series by Lawrence Watt-Evans, begins with The Lure of the Basilisk.

The Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy by Elizabeth Moon. It begins with Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, which can be downloaded free and legal from the Baen Free Library.

The Marianne Trilogy by Sheri S Tepper, begins with Marianne, the Magus, and the Manticore.

The Silver John series by Manly Wade Wellman. Begins with Who Fears the Devil? ( short stories) and The Old Gods Waken ( novel ).

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, and AuntiePam almost finished is fine also! As for the WoT warnings, yeah i wish i had made this post ten years ago. I’ll definitely be checking out a few of them, too bad its a bit too late to drop some christmas hints. Keep them coming.


The Abhorsen Trilogy, by Garth Nix. First book: Sabriel.

The Outremer series, by Chaz Brenchley. First book: The Devil in the Dust.

I don’t know if Bujold is done writing about Chalion, but the series so far can stand on its own. First book: The Curse of Chalion.

Same with Barbara Hambly’s two-book series starting with Sisters of the Raven. There may be more books to come (and that’d be great), but they aren’t necessary.

Another two-book series is Alan Gardner’s that starts with The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. Generally considered YA.

Also YA is Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, starting with The Golden Compass.

I’m not done with Hobb’s Farseer trilogy, but I’d recommend what I’ve read so far, starting with Assassin’s Apprentice.

One more year and I’d be able to highly highly highly recommend Greg Keyes’s Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone quartet, starting with The Briar King. But it’s not quite done. Bother. I can’t recommend this series highly enough, though.

The Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier was good. The Crown of Stars series by Kate Elliott was pretty good too, but the earlier books are better.

I’ll third the Amber Series, and pretty much anything else that Zelazny wrote… Dilvish the Damned, etc…

If you want light fantasy, read Stasheef’s Wizards book… I don’t think you have to “finish” the series (I know I didnt) but I thourouly enjoyed the first number of books…

Gor is fun, and more/less finished, but I didnt read beyond book 13 (and that was a long time ago)… IIRC, the style changed pretty abruptly around that book.

Some of the ones that I like that haven’t been mentioned are:

Michelle West’s Hunter/Sun Sword series
Steven Brust’s Jhereg series - which may or may not be finished; I haven’t gotten Dzur yet to see if that’s the end or not.
Juliet E. McKenna’s Tales of Einarinn series

I haven’t read any fantasy novels in a long time, but my favorite from back in the day was the original Dragonlance series. The first 3 books and the Twins trilogy that followed really were favorites for me. I read them over and over still :slight_smile: I have no life.

Robin Hobb has three trilogies set in the same world. Some of the best fiction I’ve ever read.

The Farseer Trilogy
The Liveship Traders
The Tawny Man

(in that order). The second series is set in another part of the world from the first and third but has one linking secondary character. The Tawny Man Trilogy is set many years after the Farseer Trilogy but has the same main character(s).

A few more:

James Branch Cabell: The Biography of Dom Manuel of Poictesme
Jack Vance: The Dying Earth
Michael Shea: The Compleat Nifft, and The Arak
Fritz Leiber: The Fafhrd & Grey Mouser books
REH: The Conan stories
Karl Edward Wagner: The Kane stories and novels
L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt: The Compleat Enchanter

Tanya Huff’s Blood series and Four Quarters series appear to be done, and are good.

Doc Sidhe and Sidhe Devil by Aaron Allston.

The Witch World books by Andre Norton, especially the earlier books.

The Castle Perilous books by John De Chancie.

The Book of Years books by Peter Morwood.

You can read Raymond E Feist’s Riftwar trilogy and his Serpentwar quartet. By the time you’d finished reading the 5 books in his Conclave of Shadows the 6th and final one will probably be published.

Of course, then you’d still be stuck waiting for the 4th and 5th riftwars to finally end the saga :smiley:

You might like to try some Michael Moorcock.

I’d recommend the two Corum trilogies as well as the two Hawkmoon sets, and the (original) Elric cycle. All of these are published as collections under various titles, but the names of the indiviudal books are:

Corum 1 (published collectively under titles such as The Swords of Corum, Corum: The Coming of Chaos, The Prince in the Scarlet Robe)
The Knight of the Swords
The Queen of the Swords
The King of the Swords

Corum 2 (published collectively under titles such as The Prince With The Silver Hand, The Chronicles of Corum)
The Bull and the Spear
The Oak and the Ram
The Sword and the Stallion

Hawkmoon 1 (The History of the Runestaff)
The Jewel in the Skull
The Mad God’s Amulet (aka Sorceror’s Amulet)
The Sword of the Dawn
The Runestaff (aka The Secret of the Runestaff)

Hawkmoon 2 (Count Brass)
Count Brass (aka The Chronicles of Castle Brass)
The Champion of Garathorm
The Quest for Tanelorn

Elric of Melniboné
The Fortress of the Pearl
The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
The Dreaming City
While The Gods Laugh
The Singing Citadel
The Sleeping Sorceress
The Revenge of the Rose
The Stealer of Souls
Kings in Darkness
The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams (or The Flame Bringers)

Moorcock’s style is rather different to many modern, over wordy, fantasy authors. His economical but inspired prose moves everything on at a pace, so each book (some of which are probably shorter than the chapters in other writers’ works ;)) is a quick but exciting read. I’d highly recommend checking out some of the reviews at Amazon to get an idea.

Moorcock has actually just brought his Eternal Champion cycle (of which the above series, among others, create a greater whole) to a close, so any of his fantasy work should be more of less complete (in an open ended kind of way).

Check out for more info.


David Eddings has many finished series, among them The Belgariad and Sparhawk (can’t remember if that’s the name of the series, or the main character, but they’re not hard to find. The books are all named something involving gemstones, the first one is The Diamond Throne.)

The Earthsea series by Ursula K. Le Guin is also finished.

I second Farseer and His Dark Materials

Have you considered Narnia? :wink:

Oh, yes. Tanya Huff’s Blood series is great fun. For lighter stuff, her Summon the Keeper books are a nice read.

How so? I am on book seven and I devour it each night. Jordan is an excellent writer. (newbie here)