Recommend me some shoes....

… I’m going to start running. Or jogging.

I’m going to start on an indoor treadmill, and once I can go for more than 5 minutes at a pop, I’m going to start going to the local High School track.

but I need good shoes. So please, recommend me some.

Try to keep it reasonably priced, if possible.

thanks all!

Define reasonably priced

San Antonio Shoes.

I believe they have a line of athletic shoes, I know they make walking shoes. They average about a hundred bucks a pair. But you’re not paying for a stupid little swoop thingy on the shoes. You’re paying for honest-to-God American made quality.

How good are they? Well, let me put it this way. I started wearing SAS’s about two years ago (when I could afford good shoes, it’s a good thing I bought more than one pair). My feet got so spoiled that whenever I put them in a pair of non-SAS shoes, they swear at me, threaten to go on strike, leave me, sue for neglect, etc.

SAS rocks.

I used to have a problem with inflammation underneath my sesmoid (the “kneecap” for the ball of your foot) that made walking extremely painful. I tried all sorts of different shoes and had given up. I bought a cheap pair of New Balance (because someone I was interested in had a pair…). I haven’t had a problem since.

As you have probably already figured out, I’m a big proponent of New Balance. They tend to hold up to the abuse I put them through, they come in a variety of styles and you can get them for $40 or so.

Most comfy shoes I’ve ever owned.

(I do have a friend whose family owns Saucony, so I suppose I should mention them too…) :wink:

Go to a local running store (not a chain, there’s usually a store in town that sponsors all the local races, that’s who you want) and get fitted for a pair of shoes. The sales clerks are trained to analyze your gait and recommend a shoe for you. Your first pair will probably be a little pricey but after the initial fitting, you can buy replacement shoes at the discount stores.

Everybody fits shoes differently and a shoe that works for others may not work for you. For instance, I used to wear New Balance shoes with no problems. Then I bought a new pair and, for some reason, the heel cup was now cut higher and I got horrible blisters. Luckily, I’d bought them at my full service running shoe store and they exchanged them (even though I had run five miles on them) for Adidas, which I now swear by.




You need a real hobby.

Like mine: sitting on your ass and getting fatter as the years tick by.
**Thin may be in, but fat is easier to maintain. ** Shirleyism #2

Shirley, I know believe me. But the downside to that hobby is that it makes me hate myself. I can’t have that.

And jogging is the start. Running is the goal.
Thanks for all the advice, folks. I’ll probably start with a pair o’ New Balance, and if they don’t work, I’ll work my way up the price scale… Heheheh…

I second tremorviolet’s suggestion that you go to a specialty running store. Whether you go to a chain or a local store, make sure that those people helping you actually run themselves. I know a lot of people don’t recommend Fleet Feet, but that’s the only store in my area that sponsors races, and all the people in the St. Charles store are very experienced runners.

Anyway, experienced runners at a specialty store can take a look at your running form and can make sure you get a shoe that fits your needs best. I’m a slightly heavier runner with flat feet and problems overpronating (for some ungodly reason, heavier runners are referred to a Clydesdales - talk about a way to lower a woman’s self-esteem!), and I swear by Brooks Adrenalines. But another brand might work best for you. When you buy a shoe, make sure you actually run in it before you leave the store. Most specialty running stores will suggest you run around the parking lot a few times so you can figure out whether or not the shoes suit you.

Good luck, and happy running!

I’m going to third that suggestion.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY A BRAND OF SHOES SIMPLY BECAUSE SOMEONE ON A MESSAGEBOARD SAYS THAT’S WHAT THEY WEAR. That’s going in blind. You’d be better served simply by going to a Sport Chalet and trying on some random shoe and buying it because it feels good on your foot. And I wouldn’t chance it on that.

Be prepared, though to spend around $70.

I second the New Balance recommendation. Especially the ones with the roll bar (its an arch support). I started wearing them 6 years ago and won’t buy anything else. Super-super comfortable.

I third New Balance. My husband, who was a die-hard Nike boy for years, bought a pair of New Balance last fall. He says they’re the most comfortable shoes he’s ever owned, and will never buy anything else again.
Good luck!

Once again, get fitted for a proper pair of shoes!

Along with the whole getting fitted spiel, I’d suggest Nike Shox. They look a little weird, and they cost $90, but they’re really light and comfortable. I had NB running shoes first, and switch between the two when I run now. They’re both equally comfortable for walking, but the Nikes make my calves hurt less.

Quote: “And jogging is the start. Running is the goal.”

You know what the difference is? A jogger is anyone slower than you, and a runner is anyone faster.

That said, I like Nikes. But you should go to your local running shop and get fitted for shoes that are right for YOU. Here’s hoping they aren’t ugly!

Another New Balance owner here.
One thing I do want to add is that the liners inside most running shoes suck. I buy replacement insoles and they tend to make any running shoe way more comfy (assuming you get the right one for your foot)

Go to the running type store, if you find a shoe that almost feels perfect, but maybe the arch support is in the wrong place, or the heel isn’t quite right tell the person helping you, they may have a aftermarket insole that makes the shoe perfect. It increases the cost, but the benefits are worth it.

When I was on the track team in high school, I wore Asics (sp?). I don’t remember them being expensive. I have flat feet, bad knees and shin splints but I didn’t have a problem with those shoes. I actually want to get another pair because like you, I really need to start exercising. I’m aiming for 2 minutes of running without dying.
Anyway, I got them because I went to a sports store and had them decide for me. They based the decision on my foot type, my multitude of leg problems, my weight and the type of running I would be doing. Never buy shoes just because someone else likes them.

It’s funny that you should start this thread because I just started this thread to rave about my Rugged Exposure shoes. They’re a cheap brand that I got at Big 5 but they haven’t given me a moment of trouble in the six months I’ve had them. Mine are walkers but if you’re lucky, maybe you can find runners. For around $20, if they don’t work out for running or jogging, they’ll still be great all around shoes.