Recommend me some undies (kinda girly thread, guys)

Background info: I’m a pear-shaped woman who is losing weight via Atkins (2 weeks, 2 days, about 14 pounds so far). I also have a relatively short torso and long legs. What I mean is that I am 5’ 4" to 5’ 5", but if my torso was proportionate, I’d probably be 5’ 8” or 5’ 9”. This makes it difficult to find pants, because pants that fit the length of my legs tend to have a waist that is way too high (think Erkel), while pants that fit my waist tend to be way too short.

Enter low-cut jeans. (Yay!) I love ‘em, and they fit pretty nicely, often falling at my natural waist. (Although I still have to be careful that the legs aren’t too short.) Problem is, I am, as I said, losing weight, and the ones I have are riding a bit lower, fitting more like they are supposed to.

This is cool, except that I have always worn high-cut briefs, and now I find that my undies are peeking by a few inches over the waist of my pants. Usually this isn’t a problem, as I wear shirts and sweaters that come down well below the waist of my pants, but soon I will be thin enough to wear shirts that show a bit of torso when bending, etc. I don’t want two or three inches of underwear showing; that’s just tacky.

So, ladies, my dilemma is this: What kind of panties should I buy? Please keep in mind that I don’t like anything riding low on my thighs (I think).

I don’t have much advice in the undie department (and will actually be looking at what advice you get) , but I just have to comment on being a “pear-shaped” person. I’ve got a longer torso so I don’t exactly fit your dilemma, but the way pants fit is just impossible, isn’t it? If I get them large enough for my hips, then the waist is two inches too big and looks ridiculous. If I get them to fit my waist, then I can’t get my butt into them. And I’ve recently lost quite a bit of weight and am continuing to, so I know just what you mean about needing something to fit so that you can wear shorter shirts. I’ve been in the big baggy department so long! But being a pearshape, you make yourself look so much bigger all over with the whole baggie thing. So I want to be able to wear the smaller shirts and can fit into them now and look ok, but the whole pants thing is a real problem! Good luck and congratulations on your weight loss!

Yes, Salem, what you said. It is impossible. I guess we can comfort ourselves with the knowledge that we don’t have an estrogen deficiency. :slight_smile:

You should get panties that are for low cut pants, just ask for some at a panty store. Don’t get thong panties cause they ride up your back when you bend & you can see a lot of butt :slight_smile:

Victoria’s Secret low-rise bikinis are very flattering and comfortable. I wear a lot of low-rise pants and have never had a problem with said underwear peeking through, even when sitting down / bending over.

Boxer briefs!

I have also lost a lot of weight from Atkins, and this has also happened to me. I thought I was the only one! I hate my underwear showing over my pants, how embarassing.

Just the other day I went to Target and bought new undies, (I’ll wait until all my excess weight is gone before I spend on Victoria’s Secret stuff). I got bikini-cut panties (Gilligan-Somebody is the designer, 3 pair $6.99), it sure feels good to be able to buy normal size clothing again. Then I threw out all my old-lady panties.