Recommend New Orleans hotel

I’m going to the Big Easy for 3 nights (midweek) in Sept. I’m going to stay in the French Quarter with a lady friend. I’m familiar with all there is to do and see. I’ve been there before. I need a nice place to stay though. Money is not really an object but I tend towards the value/price end. My friend is leaning towards the Fairmont. That’s fine with me but I also want a complete New Orleans experience…balconies, courtyards, old world…and I don’t know if I’ll find it at such a large hotel. Can you recommend any favorites? It has to be well kept and hopefully with character. Thanks!

The first time I went to N.O., I stayed at the Fairmont. Like you suggest, it’s a lot like staying at any nice hotel in any other city in the world. There is really nothing unique about it at all. Every time since, I’ve stayed at le Richeliue which is my personal favorite. It’s a little farther on the East Side than most hotels but that just means its a little quieter. Of course, everything in the Quarter is within walking distance of it if you’re in decent physical shape.

Check out the Banana Courtyard guesthouse. We stayed at their townhouse, the Garcionnere, for our honeymoon, and it was wonderful. We had our own little courtyard, a gallery off our bedroom overlooking the courtyard, our own ktichen, the works, and it was right in the middle of the Quarter. Their main house is also really fabulous, and you have a locked, gated lot to keep your car in, either way.

We also stayed at Ruffino’s a couple of years ago, and it was really nice. It’s a quirky little place over a bar, and the rooms are great. We had a gallery overlooking St. Peter Street, French windows, mosquito netting over the beds, our own kitchen, maid service, etc.

UncleBeer and I stayed at the Dauphine Orleans when we were there last November, and I highly recommend it. I’ve stayed at this hotel twice. Very reasonably priced, great location, and very quiet even though it’s just a block off Bourbon Street. We upgraded from the basic room to one of the courtyard rooms in the old building (the one that used to be a brothel). If you want to add a little romance, these rooms are much nicer than the basic ones that are in the newer part of the hotel, where I stayed on my prior trip there. The rooms were spacious, beds were comfy. We’ll definitely stay there again if we make another trip.

I highly recommend the Maison Dupuy, On Rue Toulouse, just a couple blocks off of Bourbon. Greenery, courtyards, cast iron, the works.

I stayed at the MonteLeone during my stay and enjoyed it quite a bit…they also have a wonderful resturaunt downstairs, just beautiful

Dang! what was the name of the one I stayed in? Okay, it’s old and pink, and it’s right in the French Quarter, and it’s got real “old world” rooms with 4 Poster beds and real wood (or brick) floors and old ceiling fans.

I could be wrong, but I think it was right at the end of Bourbon street and one of the main streets. I know we walked straight up from it (10? 12 blocks?) and then only went about 4 or 5 blocks to the right to the Cafe du Monde.

It had a smallish and cute pool and courtyard with miniature Lionshead spigots and a Lionshead fountain. Some of the rooms had french doors that opened out into the courtyard.

It was 65-69 a night (that was in 2001).
Does it sound familiar to anyone? I’ll keep looking.

And anyway, CONGRATS!! It’s a cool cool place!!! See the Aquarium.

DEFINITELY have beignets (sp?) and coffee at Cafe du Monde. Bring lotsa dollar bills the street performers are really neat.

Have fun!