Recommend or warn me re: reliable printers?

My several year old InkJet refused to acknowledge the 1/4" stack of paper in its tray one time too many the other day. Damn thing is always jamming and staining the table with ink dust and otherwise not working. How can HP still not know there shouldn’t be upstream-facing sharp edges in the paper path? But it turns out they weigh less than a shotput and aren’t that hard to throw 30 feet or more. But I digress…

It’s printer shopping time.

#1 Priority: reliability. No jams and misfeeds and failure to install correctly.

#2-10 Priorities: ditto.

Preferences: I print more text than images, often in draft form. Occasionally I print nice digicam photos on expensive heavy glossy or matte finish inkjet “photo” paper. I think this means I want a laser printer 90% of the time and a color inkjet 10% of the time, unfortunately. Maybe this means an inkjet with a large separate black cartridge for printing in a colorless mode. Possibly it’s worth getting one of each. This is a single-user situation where print speed isn’t important. Environment is Windows. Without wanting to waste money, I’d probably spend $200 or $300 if I believed it would fix my frustrations.

Any you love? Or hate? Why? Thanks!!!

An inexpensive laser and an inkjet sounds about right for you. I’ve had great luck with Canon inkjet printers, desktop and portable, inexpensive and expensive. Can you see that I love my Canon printers? I recently got an Epson and am pretty impressed with it, but it’s top of the line and may not represent the lower lines’ quality. I’ll unrecommend Lexmark machines. They don’t get good reviews, even by the most sycophantic reviewers. (Not that I’m implying that CNet is sycophantic; they’re just the first reviews that came up in Google.) I’ll leave the laser recommendation to someone with more experience with home lasers. So many are quite affordable and surprisingly quick (based on advertised speed).

Helpful hint: if you’re going to do spot color from an inkjet on your laser-printed black and white document, print the laser part first. The heat of the laser may cause problems with the ink.

We have 4 Canon inkjet printers now, and won’t even look at HPs ever again.
Only one of the Canons we’ve ever bought has been dodgy, a Pixma 4000. The rest have been very good.

Don’t know anything about laser printers, though. Sorry

I like HP’s smaller laser printers. Not the very small ones (10xx), though, but the next ones up, the 20xx. Their 1320 printers were simply excellent.

I have an HP PSC 2355 printer that I bought new, about 4 or 5 years ago for $130, and it is great. (The prices listed on that link are way too high - price them at your local electronics store.) Good scanning, nice photocopier (in B&W and color), quick printing and very reliable - not a single paper jam with both regular and photo quality paper.

Granted, those damn cartridges cost a chunk of change ($30 and up), but I usually don’t go through them all that quickly. BTW, never buy they re-filled cartridges at a discount - you save money, but they are crap and don’t last very long.

I just replaced my HP c4200 which was a buggy piece of crap. It NEVER worked properly. I got a Lexmark x6650 at Sam’s for under $100, and couldn’t be happier. So far, it hasn’t had any problems. I’ve always been a little leery of those “all-in-one” printers, but this one faxes like a dream, much better than my stand-alone fax machine.