Recommend Road Trip Sing-Along Songs - Bohemian Rhapsody, for example

If you’re out on a long somewhat creepy stretch of road late at night
Stairway to Heaven

Hotel California

The Doors’ The End

Nick Cave’s Where the Wild Roses Grow

Sweet Caroline … Bah Bah Bah … good times never seemed so good.

On a similar bus trip when I was a teenager, someone had a cassette of the Grease 2 soundtrack. Everyone knows the Grease songs, but a busload of horny teenagers singing along to “Reproduction” is hilarious. We wore the tape out halfway thru the trip! :smiley:

And I’ll second They Might Be Giant’s, the Flood album is great.

Ever since my brother and I were tiny, the primo car singalong album has been Paul Simon’s Graceland.

The ultimate sing a long song for a road trip is Good Morning Starshine.

Other fine song include

Another Saturday Night

We will Rock You/We are the Champions

What a Wonderful World (Sam Cooke Don’t know much about History)

Here Come the Sun

Octopus’ Garden

Yellow Submarine

All Together Now

Hello Goodbye
Sympathy for the Devil

Peace Love and Understanding

Come on feel the noise (sp?)

Elephant Love Song Medly from Moulin Rouge
Friday, I’m in Love

Love Stinks

Devil went Down to Georgia

OK, some of these may not be appropriate, I’ll let you decide.

Truckin’ - Grateful Dead

You all are doing a great job. Keep 'em coming!

My son has added Kiss’ I Wanna Rock and Roll All NIght, and AC/DC’s Highway to Hell to the list of suggestions.

The sponsoring organzation for our mission trip, Reach Workcamps, plays tracks from They Might Be Giants Flood album for the 6 AM wakeup music.

Highway to Hell is kosher on a church outing? I guess I could have stretched my list a bit then :smiley:

As for Kiss’ I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night, my friend confessed recently that for many years he thought the following line in the chorus was, “…and part of every day” (instead of “and party every day”). Now every time I hear the song, I think of how old the song is (and how old the band members and ourselves are) and think that the song is really more applicable that way now.

Other suggestions:

Beatles - “Hey Jude”
Norman Greenbaum - “Spirit In The Sky”
Rolling Stones - “Shine A Light” (from “Exile on Main St.”)
Don MacLean - “American Pie” (surprised nobody’s mentioned this one yet!)
Eric Burden and the Animals - “House of the Rising Sun”
Aerosmith - “What It Takes” (maybe even, “Dude Looks Like A Lady” :cool: )

Lots of Dire Straits.

The entire ‘Born in The USA’ album

The Eagles ‘Greatest Hits’ album.

We all got drunk as sailors one night out camping and we couldn’t think of any songs to sing, so we started singing Christmas carols. Mind you, this was in the middle of July, about midnight. Before long, half of the campground had joined us. :smiley:

Fun Fun Fun
Good Vibrations
The Blues Brothers Soundtrack (Soul Man, Think, I Need You, Old Time Way)
Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles)

Chain of Fools

You Can’t Hurry Love

I can’t help myself (sugar pie honeybunch)

Down at the Twist and Shout and I Feel Lucky Mary Chapin Carpenter

Since I’m not on the bus, The Brady Bunch singing Keep On Keeping On.

Bobby McGee

Mr. Blue Sky (the song not the doper)

Light and Day

Walk of Life

That remix of that Elvis song Satisfy Me (little less converstion, little more action)

Jessica (instramental but great road music)
Man, I feel Like a Woman
Wild Thing


Hey Good Lookin

(in case you havent’ guess this thread has me listing to music all day)

Iko Iko

The Mighty Quinn

Looking out my Backdoor

Proud Mary (Tina or CCR)

Down on the Corner

Only the Good Die Young

Young Americans

China Girl

With a little Help from my Friends (Joe Cocker?)

When I’m 64

I think it would be cool if you could dig up the single for Star Wars/Cantina Band.

Some Go-Gos Our Lips are Sealed or We Got the Beat.

Rock and Roll Hootchi Coo

Lake of Fire by the Meat Puppets is a fun one.

Here’s how the playlist is shaping up, in alphabetical order. Dang, these great songs make you want to jump in the car with a full tank of gas, don’t they? Final order TBD

American Pie, Don McLean
Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
Down on the Corner, CCR
Elephant Medley , Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Gloria, Van Morrison, Them
Highway to Hell, AC/DC
Hit the Road, Jack, Ray Charles
I Fought the Law, Bobby Fuller Four
I Get Knocked Down, Chumbawumba
I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night, KISS
Iko Iko, Dixie Cups
I’m a Believer, Monkees
Jenny Take a Ride, Mitch Ryder
Love Shack, B52s
Mony Mony, Tommy James and the Shondells
Respect, Areatha Franklin
Satisfaction, Stones
Sweet Home Alabama, Lynard Skynard
Twist and Shout, Isley Brothers
Walk This Way, Aerosmith
YMCA, Village People
You’re the One That I Want, Grease Soundtrack

Thank you for posting this list. So many people start threads asking for recomendations for something and then never say what they are going to use.

Everytime that happens, God Kills a kitten.