Recommend some african pop!

I’ve been listening to thisad nauseum. A really nice, upbeat, Tanzanian pop song. Please recommend African pop songs or albums to me. Thanks.

If you haven’t heard Tenariwen I would recommend them. I gotta run, so that’s my best shot for now - however, Malian guitar work is wonderful - you hear enough bluesy feel for familiarity with a lot of cool Afro-pop / Worldbeat in it, too - I am phasing on the current players out there; the most famous guy passed a couple of years ago…

Oh yeah I’ve got a couple of Tinariwen albums.

Clem Tholet

Hm, great guitarist from Mali … that would be Habib Koite. But he’s not dead – in fact, I have tickets to see him in March in a really nice little venue. (bounces around excitedly)

I recommend Orchestra Baobab, specifically their album Pirate’s Choice.

In case you’re interested in a radio show rather than individual album, The Best Ambiance is a weekly 3-hour set of African music on KEXP. They stream their shows in real time, and I think they also have a 2-week archive.

I was thinking of Ali Farka Toure (link to article on a world beat website)…

You have recommended OB / Pirate’s Choice to me before - I gotta get me that; sorry for not acting sooner on a twicks recommendation; I just got a bunch of jazz and some rock stuff that I am trying to work through…so much music, so little time…

Oh, and without trying to stir the pot, **Vampire Weekend’s **new CD, ***Contra ***is coming out - I really enjoy their first CD and will likely get this one. Sure, not literally African, but I like what they do with that type of sound and arrangements in their poppy songs…

My current faves (of varying vintage) are:

Mory Kante - Tatebola (more electropop than the others)
Salif Keita - Soro (Great vocalist, cool songs)
Shiyani Ngcobo - Introducing Shiyani Ngcobo (not really ‘pop’ but if you’re in the mood for some different guitar-playing)
Tama - Nostalgie (kind of a pan-African group with cool songs)

If you’re into guitar at all or just something a little different I highly recommend “The Moon and the Banana Tree”. It’s a fascinating sampler of guitarists from Madagascar.

I got some:

Femi Kuti

and his late father, Fela Kuti

King Sunny Ade


already mentioned:

Habib Koite and Bamada

Zap Mama

I like Vusi Mahlasela.

He’s from South Africa. I particularly like the song “Emtini Wababe” from his first album “The Voice”. It’s about his search for his father.

Asa - Fire on the Mountain

Check out the soundtrack to Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony

Mulatu Astatke (Broken Flowers soundtrack) and Miriam Makeba (Pata Pata) have both had some commercial success here in America.

Sparletta sounds interesting.

Sorry, first thing that came to mind when I read the thread title :D.

Justin Vali Trio

You’ll enjoy his concert. He played Anchorage where we saw him.

I would also highly recommend Ali Farka Toure, King Sunny Ade, Salif Keita, and Mory Kante.

I one of my favorite groups is the Bhundu Boys from Zimbabwe. I think their best album is True Jit. Here’s more.

For some nice soukous, try Kanda Bongo Man.

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey plays Nigerian juju, like King Sunny Ade.

Saw Freshlyground again this weekend. They are excellent. Pot Belly vid.
Doo Bee Doo vid.
Nomvula vid

Also Diabate Toumani.