Recommend some books on white/modern-day slavery

Nonfiction or fiction, historical or current event. Until an off-handed comment by a professor about a month ago, I had no idea that white slavery was practiced in the Middle East or Africa several hundred years ago. A news article today about the US claiming some Arab countries, among others, aren’t doing enough to combat human trafficking reminded me to start this thread, and then I realized I don’t really know much about modern-day slavery either. As an historian-in-training, I think my lack of knowledge on this is quite pitiful.

What are some of the good books out there on these topics?

Here is an excellent book on slavery in the modern world:

Disposable people : new slavery in the global economy /
by Bales, Kevin.
published by UCal Berkeley, 1999.

should be available at your local library

Here’s an article you may find interesting:

well he’s back - that looks like a very interesting study, I will definitely be getting that one

Random - from the sound of the article, the book must be very good indeed. I will also be getting that one!

I hope I can find a library nearby that has these!