recommend some (cheap) music composition software

It needs to be cheap, as the title states, and easy…high school band was a long time ago. I just want something I can tinker around with, make some incidental music for home videos, and make sure I’m not working for a living when I’m actually the world’s next great composer.



Try melody assistant.

It’s shareware, available for unlimited time, but it is so worth the $20.00.

Wow, that looks awesome. Thanks for the recommendation. One question, I see that the more powerful version is also shareware for only $20 as well. Should I just get it to start with, or is it better for a newbie to start on the lesser featured version?


Finale Music has a free download called Finale Notepad. I use it to make readable chord charts but it does have a play back feature.

You can find it at along with their other software which ranges in price from $49 to $600.

I’ve also used Cakewalk and Band in a Box. Cakewalk I used for writing midi sequences and Band in a box has the play back feature that makes it useful for listening to chord charts and making sure the changes are what I want. Neither of those is exactly cheap but I was able to get a copy of BiaB on ebay for around $60.

Thanks. Great screen name by the way!

It’s pretty beta-quality, and it’s primarily for guitar, but I’ve found Pwer Tab good for general-use stuff as well. I believe it has an option to turn off the guitar staff.

Oh, and it’s free. :slight_smile:

This is hubby’s hobby, not mine, but from what he’s said, I think the Demo version is free to try forever, but giving them $20.00 will let you try out more of the features. Upgrades are free. :slight_smile:

I’m astonished to find anyone who can use Finale Notepad to actually do anything useful. (And this is coming from someone who uses Finale itself regularly)