Recommend some good open source helpdesk apps.

The IT support part of my job is starting to get busy and scraps of paper and memory aren’t going to cut it for much longer.

I need some decent open source help desk (or customer support) software for a Windows Vista environment; preferably something you’ve had experience with and find useful and reliable.

This is something that can run locally. It’s not something the users will need to access. It’s just for me. It’s simply to help me keep track of who’s waiting for what and how long they’ve been waiting.

I should add that it’s not just helpdesk.

For example, I get calls for new computer equipment to be shipped out, I pass that on for authorization and shipment. I then have to make sure that it in fact does get ordered and shipped. It gets shipped to me, I load any needed sofware and then ship it to the end user. So I need to also keep track of things like that.