Recommend some HBO documentaries, please

I recently signed up for HBO Now streaming (mostly for Game of Thrones)…there are many documentaries available through the service (a couple hundred or more?) - can anyone recommend some favorites, especially any with lighter/non-crime subject matter?

To name one that I really found eye opening that most probably didn’t see: Hot Coffee. It’s about Tort Reform, the title a reference to the infamous McDonald’s case that everyone brings up as an example of Frivolous law suits. There was more than met the eye there and the whole concept of ‘Frivolous Lawsuits’ needs examination. I really liked it.

Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays. It’s comedy, but it’s autobiographical.

Mr. Dynamite, about James Brown

Going Clear was interesting. It’s about scientology.

I second Going Clear: scientology and the prison of belief a fascinating look at the history of and tales of the behind the scenes of scientology.

I’d also suggest the two-part Sinatra: All or Nothing. While it may not be as “harsh” on Frank as you’d hope, his family had approval, it does have some interesting tales, especially that of the Rat Pack days, and a lot of clips and music to make it enjoyable.

Yeah, a little old lady getting 3rd degree burns on their genitals and needing skin grafts is hilarious!

Quimby didn’t write anything that would indicate he found the situation humorous.

I was referencing how every hack comic uses this case as a punch line. It wasn’t until this panel of the comic This Modern World pointed out the actual facts of the situation that many folks heard the truth.

If you saw the HBO series Band of Brothers, you might like We Stand Alone Together: The Men of Easy Company. It features interviews with some of the real people portrayed in the series.

Liked the Sinatra doc too although I thought part 2 was rushed and left out some of his better musical work and his 60’s films. Tony Rome/The Lady in Cement really straddled the changing of the culture.

Also, how could we hope it would be harsher on him?

Going Clear?

Banksy Does New York is listed as an HBO doc, which I was unaware that it was. I really enjoyed it.

The Jinx is a good recent one.

Yes yes yes to Going Clear! It might be next year’s Oscar winner so you can brag about having seen it months earlier! Plus it’s a fascinating documentary.

It’s 13 years old now and I don’t know if it was an HBO documentary, but The Smashing Machine is an awesome look at two mixed martial arts fighters and the sport they compete in.

I would second Hot Coffee.

And Add:
The Loving Story - About a couple and their fight to legalize interracial marriage.
Vito - About Vito Russo, a pioneer in the gay rights movement.

And not a documentary, but I thoroughly enjoyed the biopic: Temple Grandin.

“What’s Wrong with Aunt Diane?” is pretty good. A family in denial.

Yep! It pissed me off how hard they tried to make this woman a saint.

I’ll second that one. If you enjoy it, you should also watch Exit Through The Gift Shop (it’s not an HBO doc, though) if you haven’t already seen it.

+1. One of the best biopics I’ve ever seen.


I can’t recommend it because I haven’t seen it, but I am very interested in seeing Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop that has just debuted on HBO.