Recommend some laptop games

What are some good games for a middle of the road laptop (core 2 duo, integrated graphics)?

I’ve enjoyed Peggle and other Popcap games. Also sometimes play some older legacy games like Baldurs Gate, etc.

Here’s one suggestion each for A through F:

Alpha Centauri (4X strategy)
Baldur’s Gate (as you mentioned)
Cave Story (amazing freeware platformer)
Deadly Rooms of Death (very hard, yet ingenious puzzle game)
Escape Velocity (space adventuring/trading. The early ones were for Mac, but I believe the newer ones can be played on Windows?)
Fallout 1 and 2 (the best PC RPGs that exist)

Cool, thanks!

I’ll also mention Braid and Osmos, for those who may stumble upon this thread.

Torchlight - a single player Diablo II clone

Deus Ex is a fantastic blend of FPS and RPG, with a great story and attention to detail. It’s from 2000, which is most noticeable in the graphics and the sometimes shoddy AI, but other than that, it’s great. There are multiple ways to accomplish every objective, and the atmosphere is still quite gripping (I played it for the first time this year).

I play Civ 4: Colonization on my cheap laptop quite a bit, although I did have to crank down the video settings. What was weird was, the higher video settings didn’t affect gameplay, but some of the units wouldn’t display completely, like a set of masts floating around with no ship, or a hoe floating in midair with no pioneer attached.

You seem to have mispelled Planescape: Torment. The mistake is quite understandable, of course.

If you’re into casual games, I find Plants vs. Zombies a welcome diversion. It will benefit greatly from an adjunct mouse – some of the levels will be difficult to play with a touch pad. Puzzle Quest and Puzzle Quest Galactrix are also fun and have a plot.

If RTS games tickle your fancy, Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift is awesome, and runs on just about anything that still boots up, these days. :wink: It might be hard to get hold of, however.