Recommend some RSS feeds

I have just downloaded an RSS Reader on my work computer after having one at my last job. I had several interesting feeds, but I can’t remember where I got them all. Can you recommend any good feeds for me to check out?

NASA’s got a bunch.

There’s this little column called The Straight Dope

Thanks for the responses, guys.

I have subscribed to the dope and a couple of the NASA ones.

Can anyone else suggest some? I am especially interested in Tech News websites but anything which you think is interesting would be good.

You’d probably like the Slashdot and Wired feeds.

Fark and Snopes are interesting, too.

Thanks for the ideas, jmizzou.

Poke around your favorite sites, and look for a small orange icon that says “RSS” or sometimes “XML.” Those will link you to that site’s RSS feed. It’s pretty common on big sites these days, and some small site sare hopping on.