Recommend some seasonal/temporary jobs

So, I hate my job. Full-time, pays less than US$1,000/month, and involves a lengthy commute in homicidal traffic. The wife has given me permission to work abroad for e.g. half a year at a time - for example, I used to work with security at museums in Norway during summers some time ago.

However, I’d like to try something different if possible - or at least, not the exact same job. What are some temporary/seasonal jobs I could try? I would prefer going back to Europe, if possible (I’m Scandinavian, living in Brazil, so I have permission to work all over the EU and Norway). I’m good with languages - various degrees of fluency in 8 of them - and with computers, though I have no computer degrees. (My BA and MA are in history) I’ve worked in tourism before, e.g. scuba diving centers, but it’s been a while - if the requirements experience-wise are high, I’m not confident of getting hired so easily. Not afraid of long hours, don’t mind physical work as long as it’s not in the sun.

Any suggestions? Insider tips? :slight_smile:

Various jobs with nature parks only apply for summer and parts of spring and fall.

If you enjoy working with taxes, that is a seasonal job.

If you’re in Rio or another major tourist city, perhaps you could find a local job as a guide and translator for Scandinavian tour groups. And since Brazil is gearing up for the World Cup and then the Olympics. perhaps your language fluency will make you useful for those events?

Edited to add, I know that you were looking for a position abroad, but I think you’re in a fairly unusual position (Scandinavian in Brazil) so if there’s a way to leverage your skills locally, you should do it.

Thanks Wesley Clark.

Dewey Finn, thanks, I’ve thought about that in the past - I’m in Rio - but as of the last time I looked, there weren’t many tour groups at all catering to Scandinavians (just some very specialised ones). Brazil isn’t a typical “tour”-type destination for Scandinavians, the major travel agencies there don’t even do bookings for here. The tourists that come here all speak English anyway. They’re going to pick tours and agencies that claim to speak English - even when they don’t - and I don’t see any way of breaking into that except by getting paid even less than I am now. Starting my own tour company isn’t viable due to a complete lack of capital and the crippling bureaucracy involved.