recommend some video capture software?

I have to “design” DVD covers for movies that have no covers; usually this is when a cheapo box set has some generic cover and no film-specific artwork in the packaging. Sometimes I can find images on the web–someone on eBay is usually selling the original poster, or something. But sometimes I come up dry. In those situations, I’d love to be able to take a capture from a frame of the film, but I’m unable to do so; standard PrtScrn doesn’t work on video images.

As far as I know, my intended use is perfectly legal. So can anyone recommend some freeware that will allow me to do an image capture from a DVD?

Thanks in advance.

The DVD player software that came with my drive can do still captures. There’s probably thousands of freeware players that do the same thing. Have you tried googling this?

You can do this with many DVD player programs, or if yours can’t, try Videolan’s VLC. You can play almost any audio/video format in it and set it to slow-motion and then take a snapshot. I don’t think you can go frame-by-frame, so it helps if you have a quick finger so that you can get it to stop at the frame you want. This is not too hard if you play it pretty slowly.

Yes, I have, and I’ve tried a few. So far they all A) suck, or B) cost a lot of money. Videosnapshots Genius seems to work OK, but it’s $30. In this post-Netflix world, the video store I work for makes zero profit, so there’s no money for such luxuries; all new software must be free.

The resolution on a DVD image is extremely low quality, for anything much more than showing a frame as a video capture.

Media Player Classic has a “save image” function, and can play back DVDs in a limited fashion.