Recommend some video games

I’ve been replaying older games, but I’m looking for a new (to me) video game to get into. I’ve only got two rules:

  1. Has to be a PC game. I don’t have a console.
  2. No multiplayer, or must have single-player option.

I’ve enjoyed all iterations of Half-Life and Portal, Diablo 1-3, Max Payne (the first one), Deus Ex (again, the first one) and Soldier of Fortune.

I haven’t enjoyed The Sims, Minecraft, Quantum Break, or any sports games.

Witcher 3 is really good, despite being somewhat old. Probably cheap too.

I’m also very much liking the new Tomb Raider.

Most every game out there has single and multiplayer these days, with the exception of the relatively few multiplayer-only games like Overwatch or Fortnite.

You might try the Assassin’s Creed series, or maybe the Mass Effect series. I think Assassin’s Creed is strictly multiplayer, and Mass Effect has some multiplayer, but it’s not storyline stuff.

I do have to ask- why no multiplayer? Some of the best games are multiplayer like “Dead by Daylight” or “Left 4 Dead” or “Tom Clancy’s The Division”.

If you liked the Diablo games, Grim Dawn is an excellent ARPG as well. Another ARPG option is Path of Exile - it’s technically multiplayer but you can play solo if you want and it’s free.

Tried a multiplayer game back in the day. As much fun as it was being called a “gayfag” every 30 seconds, or learning just how many people had carnal knowledge of my mother, I had to give it a pass.

I tried Path of Exile but found the storyline boring. I did like Torchlight 2 though!

just go to for a month or two every Friday click on “weekend sale” notice that even though there mostly old “classic” games you were too young for couldn’t afford couldn’t run ect

Then swear at me when you realize you have 1500 games and spent a small fortune on them

heres the latest sale …never mind anything over 9.99 youll get it cheaper if patient

There’s a really old Diablo clone that I adored: Titan Quest. Its big improvement over Diablo 1 and 2, IMO, is the multiclassing: there are 8-9 different character classes, and by level 8 (I think), you can choose two of them, leading to all sorts of fun synergies between skills and a lot of replayability. Graphics got updated a few years ago, so it’s real pretty.

Now, here’s one that’s somewhere halfway between Minecraft and Portal: Subnautica. You crash-land on an alien planet that’s almost 100% covered in ocean, and starting with almost nothing except some energy bars and a fire extinguisher, you have to explore various underwater biomes and alien locations, building bases and gaining supplies and running away real fast from deadly sea life because you never have a weapon bigger than a paring knife*. It’s like Minecraft because you’re exploring and crafting and building, but it’s like Portal because it’s funny and scary and has a strong story and some (very light) puzzle elements.

And it’s freakin GORGEOUS. I’ve never enjoyed looking at a game as much as this one.

If Minecraft’s lack of story and basic graphics are what turned you off, Subnautica might be just right for you. If you just hate building and crafting and exploring, stay away.

  • Spoiler: that’s like 95% true.

Oh, and one other glorious game series: XCom and XCom 2, and their expansions. These aren’t like things on either of your lists, but they’re amazing, and I’ve put way too much time into both of them.

I forgot Don’t Starve. I don’t usually like survival games, but I’ve lost far too many hours to this one. Oxygen Not Included from the same publisher is also pretty good, though not nearly as addictive for me.

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I’ve not played the first Mafia game but the second and third are fun. I recently finished my second play-through of third. All three are on GOG now, IIRC.

I’ve also had fun with the second and third Just Cause games, the third more than the second. Never played the first in the series there, either.

Watch Dogs 2 is primarily single-player with a multiplayer aspect; multiplayer is not required and can be turned off. Also never played the first.

There is a way to do multiplayer without having to deal with the immature basement-dwellers. Private groups, for example.

I’m in a private group for Elite: Dangerous that grew so large, it had to be split into at least five separate groups. Any unfriendlies get rooted out and booted pretty quick.

Got any interest in working on cars? Check out Car Mechanic Simulator 2018; the key difference from the previous two editions is that this incorporates a Steam workshop. Supercars, muscle cars, classics, 4×4s, oddballs, etc. Even decent attempts at old Beetles & buses even though there’s currently no air-cooled flat-four in the game.

Sounds like you started out with one of the Call of Duty games.

Not all are like that- there are a lot of games with relatively mature player bases, and where even when there is that 12 yr old player base, you can avoid most of the stupidity by not playing certain game modes.

And even the building is mostly optional. I finished the entire game with a single one-room base in the shallows.

I’ve been playing ‘'The Lord of the Rings’ solo for over 6 years now.
It’s great because:

  • you can play for free (I actually decided to subscribe after a few months because I spend a lot of time playing, but free is still enjoyable.)

  • the story is great (the designers have obviously read the books and stay true to them)

  • there is plenty of choice in characters (I’ve tried 11 combinations and they were all fun in different ways e.g. Hobbit Burglar / Elf Hunter / Beorning Shape-changer)

  • as a Solo player, you can still trade extensively with other players and get advice from them

  • the game mechanics are not difficult (I use my mouse for everything apart from typing the occasional letter for a short-cut (e.g. I = Inventory)

  • the game is still expanding

Some of my favorites that might appeal to you:

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Just Cause 3
Assasin’s Creed Black Flag

Some ancient retro game, emulated through the browser on[]=emulator%3Avice-resid&sin=&sort=-downloads

Oh, I forgot a good one and it’s free, Warframe. Be a space ninja. It’s a weird game but the shooting and melee action is frantic and awesome IMO.