Recommend Some Vintage Technology Documentaries?

As the title suggests I really enjoy viewing but have a hard time sourcing old vintage but serious documentaries, news programs and films that discuss technology and future predictions that now seem crazy and outdated.

Some examples:

1980s mars manned mission
How home video phones would dominate households by the 80s
Home/Kitchen computers with punch cards that are the size of a dishwasher!
Space tourism becoming a normal pastime for a typical family by 2000
How automated machines could replace auto workers on the assembly line
A 1960s view of what the integrated circuit could do to create a “Jetsons” like world

Anyone have any recommendations of old programs that cover this genre?

Connections – 3 series

In 1985 AT&T told us about the coming Information Age: Looking Ahead to the Information Age in 1985: AT&T Archives - YouTube

(Probably not quite as vintage as you were hoping…)

And in 1962 or thereabouts, AT&T told us about the coming Information Age, at the Seattle World’s Fair (“Century 21 Calling”, and this is the original, not the MST3Kified version).

I watched that, pretty cool.

I am finding that sources for such material is very hard to find. I spent 3 months trying to find Walter Cronkite’s 21st Century CBS program from the 60s but have had zero luck.

My quest continues…

What about Disney World of Tomorrow type stuff? Didn’t they do films like that for Epcot?