Recommend some youtube or google video (or other) documentaries.

I’m in the mood for some documentary viewing. No specifics just recommend something good/interesting.

David Attenborough and The Lyre Bird. One of my favorite youtube clips.
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Fake documentaries:
Zinc Oxide and you:

Brown 25:

I find it hard to believe the Lyre Bird clip once it gets to making sounds of creaking wood and chainsaws. Is this/the clip a whoosh?

Don’t know what a “whoosh” is but believe me the sounds they make are real. I once heard a steam train in the bush at night and at first it freaked me out until we realised what is was. They are by far the coolest bird in the Australian forest.

This is fair dinkum 100% true blue.

Now, drop bears are a different story.

I’ve always liked The Old Negro Space Program.

Search “the day the earth nearly died” - about the permian-triassic extinction - some crackpots claim similarities to events today.

Stay away form Zeitgeist 1,2, etc and anything from Terry Jones - docufantasy.

I always recommend Rain In My Heart. It’s depressing but brilliant.

I don’t have the links but

YouTube has The Haunted World of Ed Wood Jr.

Two documentary sites have God’s Cartoonist (about Jack Chick) and The Nomi Song (about Klaus Nomi).

If you can find it, Frazetta: Painting with Fire is really great.

Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team