Recommend to me some Roku channels!

Well, my Roku is fairly functional(I have remote control issues, but I have it working more or less).

I have, currently, these channels:

  1. Netflix - duh

  2. Youtube - Very cool that you can stream Youtube through it

  3. Facebook pictures

  4. Flikr

  5. Pandora Radio

Is there anyway to stream Hulu’s non-plus stuff?

What channels should I get? Free is the key here, folks. Anything good out there? Please include a link to how to get them if they are obscure.


Crackle for a selection of movies and tv. Revision3 for the tech shows.

Is it possible to stream ANY web site thru Roku, or just ones set up for it, like Youtube or Netflix? I’m thinking of a generic web site that has video files posted.

Youtube is not setup for it, but someone took the time to create a private channel that works for it. It’s quite cool.

Otherwise, it has to have a channel made for it, which limits it to things like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon video(along with many, many smaller sites as well).

Do you have any idea how that is done? I’m thinking of a specific video site that I’d like to make available that way.

You can read about it here.

Roku Developers