Recommend to me specific episodes of Supernatural

I watched this show to about a third of the way through Season 3. Specifically Episode 6, “Red Sky at Morning” before I got sick of the angsty darkness and some of the extra characters (I can’t stand Bela for one). Worse yet, when I read about the future episodes, I realized I really didn’t care about the main plot, and some of it actively annoyed me (like an angel destroying a roomful of Hindu Gods? NO).

However, there is no doubt that I think Dean and Sam are utterly cute and I loved the Monster of the Week episodes.

Can anyone recommend me the better of the episodes in the remaining seasons? Not the plot sensitive ones, but just the funny, or dark ones, with the brothers working together, or ones that are particularly entertaining. Maybe a couple of the funnier/more charming ones with Castiel since I never got to see him.


Bookmarking this thread. I’m almost done with S1; all I have left is the season finale, but the last couple episodes did a number on me and I’m having a hard time getting myself psyched up to watching it. Even knowing some signposts of less heavy episodes would encourage me to watch more, I think.

Speaking of Supernatural, do they ever go into more detail about how Samuel Colt made that gun? It seems to me, if I heard of a gun that could kill anything, I’d devote a little bit of time to working out how it was made to see if I could replicate the process.

I like the alternate-reality type episodes. They can be a lot of fun.

I’m assuming you didn’t make it to the late-Season 3 episode “Mystery Spot” which is a fun episode where Dean basically finds himself in Groundhog Day.

Season 4 has “It’s a Terrible Life,” which, as you can guess by the title, opens in a reality where Sam and Dean are not themselves but are normal people.

Season 6 has “The French Mistake” where the boys go through a portal and find that everyone knows them not as Sam and Dean, but as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, stars of the TV show “Supernatural.”

I’ve seen through season 6 and I’m a big fan. I liked the entire plot through season 5. Season 6 was a little strained. So I can’t see your problem with it. But your taste is your taste. I liked that even with the darkness there was still a lot of humor. I have laughed more with supernatural than with many comedies.

For a one off episode look at Monster Movie. Shot in black and white and in the style of an old horror movie. I also liked the one where they went to a Supernatural convention.

And it was one Hindu God and a bunch of other Gods. And it wasn’t just an angel it was Lucifer

Oh yeah I loved The French Mistake. Good call.

The next two S3 episodes (“Fresh Blood” and “A Very Supernatural Christmas”) are good Monster of the Week episodes, although Fresh Blood also wraps up a sideplot. More good MotW episodes are:

“Long Distance Call” (S3 Ep14)
“Death Takes a Holiday” (S4 Ep15)
“Metamorphosis” (S4 Ep4)
“Monster Movie” (S4 Ep5)
“Yellow Fever” (S4 Ep6)
“Wishful Thinking” (S4 Ep8)
“Family Remains” (S4 Ep11)
“After School Special” (S4 Ep13)
“The Monster at the End of This Book” (S4 Ep18)
“Jump the Shark” (S4 Ep19)
“Fallen Idols” (S5 Ep5)
“I Believe the Children Are Our Future” (S5 Ep6)
“The Curious Case of Dean Winchester” (S5 Ep7) - also a plot story involving a very high stakes poker game.

“Ghostfacers” (S3 Ep13) is a parody of “Ghost Hunters” and figures into “It’s a Terrible Life” (S4 Ep 17).

A plot story you should like: “Time Is on My Side” (S3 Ep15) is Bela’s final appearance.

Not specifically, but in 3.04 “Sin City” Bobby tries to reverse engineer it and figure out how to make more bullets for it. He ends up needing some help from the demon Ruby.

In 6.18 “Frontierland” the boys go back to 1861 to get it directly from Samuel Colt (it had been lost in the meantime - long story). We don’t find out how Colt figured out to make it, but we do find out he was a hunter.

By the way “Frontierland” is not exactly a MotW, but we get to see the boys play cowboy.

I’ll second “Mystery Spot” and “The French Mistake.”

“Yellow Fever” in S4 is pretty good, too. Gotta see Dean’s “Eye of the Tiger” performance at the end.

“Changing Channels” in S5 is also really funny. It’s pretty much a parody of the state of television.

It’s actually Satan (played by the guy who played Jacob from Lost) killing off all of the “old gods” from a variety of mythologies - Greek, Norse, etc. The Hindu pantheon is represented by Kali (who survives) and Ganesh. It’s basically a variation on Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and it’s no more offensive than what the show does to Judeo-Christian mythology (hint: the angels aren’t nearly as nice as advertised, and God is missing, possibly dead).

It’s an awesome episode, in fact.

Or I can just link to it. :slight_smile:

“Ghost Facers” is one of my favourite episodes. I also like the one where they discover that there are a bunch of “Supernatural” books - I don’t know the title of the episode.

“The Monster at the End of This Book” (S4 Ep18)

Thanks guys, now I have a nice list. :slight_smile:

“Wishful Thinking” is a really fun one. One of the plot elements there is rather similar to a current movie but with the owner’s gender reversed.

The episodes featuring Death, of which I’ve only seen “Two Minutes To Midnight” and “Appointment In Samarra,” are pretty good. Dean and Sam may be the stars of the show, but Death regards them as ignorant little pissants, which is kind of amusing. And Death has oddly lowbrow culinary tastes.

He definitely has a great intro.

I already said in the other thread it is not an angel destroying a roomful of Hindu Gods. It’s a roomful of Gods from different pantheons behaving like bitchy toddlers, most of them leaving at some point for different reasons, although yes, Satan does kick Kali (not destroy, these people die like XMen).

Don’t recall seeing those but the third one (“Meet the New Boss”) is great! Death does not like being summoned, particularly by Sam & Dean.

Thank you. I believe Alessan and Loach both already pointed that out. :slight_smile: It lessens the impact, but it still bothers me and it still doesn’t make me want to watch that episode.