Recommend used bookstores in Chicagoland!

Well, I know I’m going to be in Chicagoland a bit over the next few years, so my first priority is to find a good used bookstore. I like places that are cheap, and I don’t care quite as much about selection, although selection is always appreciated. Are there any good places that people would recommend? I don’t care so much about distance (in fact, let’s throw Central IL and even parts of Indiana into this), I just want to find someplace interesting, preferably non-corporate, and cheap.

Toss out your ideas! Thanks!

Hm. Well, you’d be remiss in not visiting what is, imho, the best used bookstore in Chicago, Myopic. It’s in Wicker Park, on Milwaukee at the intersection of Damen, Milwaukee, and North.

There are a few other nice little used bookstores I’ve been in, but I can’t remember the names of them and vague directions aren’t that helpful.

But check out Myopic. I could spend all day there.

Too lazy to look up addresses at the moment, but…

Powell’s (multiple locations)

A bunch in Hyde Park, I believe along 57th St. near the U. of C.

One whose name escapes me on Belmont, just east of the El tracks

Another one whose name escapes me, on Clark St. a block or two north of Diversey, across the street from Kinko’s

(As you can tell, I’m awful at remembering names of things.)

None of the above are corporate…what kind of books are you looking for? The ones near U. of C., predictably, specialize in academic sorts of books. Great selection, if you’re into that sort of thing.

If we’re not thinking of the same one, there’s another nice used bookstore on Clark, between Addison and Belmont.

If their are going to be used book sales, they will probably be advertised in the Reader.

Oh, me? I look for anything. I’m a browser. A nice non-fiction section is always appreciated, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ll have to find the booksale stuff on the online version. I’m pretty sure I won’t be living in the city; I’m more of a way out in the country type. Thanks for the ideas!

Nah, that’s a different one. I know which one you’re talking about, though.