Recommend Videos for my Preschool Son

My son is 3 1/2. He has recently started watching a few movies on video - Snow White, Cinderella, and Toy Story, so far. He loves all of these. Does anyone have any suggestions for additional full length movies that he might like? I don’t want anything very scary or violent (although all of the movies we have seen so far have had bad guys in them.)

I hate to recommend videos, because I think it’s bad to let kids watch any TV at all.

But, you can’t go wrong with the classic Winne the Pooh.

I stumbled across this one by accident – my lawyer was representing the animators, and I ended up with a sample copy.

Doobee’s Four Seasons is a low-budget computer animated cartoon about Doobee’s search through the year for a Tomato (which he loves to eat). Our daughter loved it as a 2 year old, and still does. So does her pre-K class:

My daughter and I have always loved the Land Before Time


One of my favorites is a classic from when I myself is a kid:

The Red Balloon

It is a French film, live action with no dialogue, of a boy and his friendly red balloon. About a half hour long.

I meant ‘from when I myself was a kid’
guess my communication skills are young at heart

Would a little “Best of Hulkamanaia” compilation tape be out of the question??

I’d try Milo and Otis. It’s a REALLY cute lil’ movie about a dog and a cat, with only a narrator. VERY mellow, nothing inappropriate in the least. And I loved it.

Milo & Otis was a big hit here. Thomas the Sodding Tank Engine was also very popular. Under NO circumstances buy a Wiggles video or you will regret it bigtime. Maisie is OK. Primafloret the Younger adores Rchard Scarry’s Busy Town videos but I don’t know if you can still buy them.

Land before Time scared the crap out of both my kids. I borrow a lot of videos from the library which gives us variety and saves big money.

I was all set to say “Dark Crystal” but then you said not scary and not violent. My 2 year old niece loves “The Dark Crystal” and the “Wizard of Oz”… I love that kid.

well, probably not * American History X* .

My son really liked Bunnicula. (a rabbit who was a vampirish character that would suck all the juice out of vegetables and saved the town…)

My daughter loves The Wizard of Oz. She first saw it when she was 2 1/2 or 3, and still watches it regularly (she’s 4 1/2 now.)

Any of the veggie tales…

My kid also like Primus’s cheesy home video, but most preschoolers arent Primus fans

Fantasia is also very big with my Little One. When she was younger, she loved the Spot the Dog videos. Blue’s Clues videos are also quite popular.

Balto is good. No singing in it so I don’t mind it playing 800 times a day. Avoid Balto II though as they did add songs to it. Any of the older Disney movies usually go over well with boys, but The Aristocats loses most of it’s charm on the about the 100th viewing for most adults. Lady and The Tramp was bearable for me after 200 viewings. Pick something you like and chances are, the kid will too, maybe not this year but soon.

Little Bear, Kipper, Franklin adn Blues Clues were all pretty popular here too, but they’re little kids and not exactly discriminating. They actually like Star Wars Ep. I, fer chris’ sakes. Learn from my mistakes and pick ones YOU like.

/wanders off singing/"Cinderellie, Cinderellie, gotta help our Cinderellie, gonnna make a dress so pretty…

Wallace and Grommet

Isn’t it disappointing how many kid’s movies really do have violence? Is there a site or book that offers reviews for this sort of stuff?

Well, I DON’T recommend Disney’s Tarzan. It has great music and lots of things kids would love, but my husband pointed out it had a lot of violent parts. It freaked us out how raptly Kirk would watch them, so we’ve put that away until he’s older.

Bug’s Life is also good but there is one scene where an Ant gets beat up pretty badly.

James and the Giant Peach is okay as I recall. They have to fight some pirates but I don’t think anyone gets really hurt, but I can’t precisely recall I love Iron Giant but it’s also pretty scary in parts, and involves people shooting at the Giant and him shooting back.

I’ve heard the full-length version of Thomas and the Magic Railroad is bizarre and incomprehensible to anyone with an IQ, so we haven’t bothered even though Kirk likes the 30-minute Thomas tapes.

If you don’t want full-length movies only, Kirk likes “There Goes A…” videos. There Goes a Train, There Goes a Mail Truck, etc. Also there is a “Mighty Machines” series he likes that explains airports, building demolition, etc.