Recommendation for a printer?

I am looking for multifunction printer. It must work on Wi-Fi, be a scanner, copier, and fax. It should have color and, if this is possible without paying too much, be able to do double-sided printing. I could do without that last, but it would be desirable.


Look at any review list within your budget. There isn’t a lot of difference in this category, and not much range, either. There aren’t any really cheap ones, and not much at the high-end because they’re a SOHO solution only.

About the only thing I would look at in one of these is the cost and availability of ink cartridges, same as for any inkjet printer. Used in many models over years=commodity=cheap=likely to stay cheap.

Everything else is details. You’ll get a middling scanner, good fax function, okay printing. (And headaches, and one-third the general MTBF.)

How good does the colour printing need to be? I’ve just purchased a Brother DCP 9020 laser printer and it works well, but the colour printing isn’t as good as an inkjet. It’s not photo quality, but it doesn’t need to be.

Canon 250

Can sit for a long time in my experience & not plug up.


We recently got an Epson WF3620 and are very pleased with our costs per page with the extended cartridges. Duplex ADF and duplex prints nice and fast. Best price we found was right on Epson’s website.