Recommendations for a restaurant in San Antonio for Central American food.

I will be in San Antonio this weekend, and I want to try a place that serves Central American food. I’m looking for Guatemalan cuisine in particular, but I would be happy with any recommendations for a place that serves Central American food. My google fu is weak, and I can’t find any using Google. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thank you.

La Playa serves El Salvadorean food. I had a native El Salvadorean take me there and she pronounced the cuisine authentic. I like the pupusas and the fried plantains.

Use your GPS locator to find it or study your map before heading over. It’s deep in the heavily Hispanic part of town (where I went to college). There may be several restaurants with that name in town–the one I’ve been to is on Poplar.

Okay, now I want pupusas.